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    • avatar The Mortal OwL 1

      she is Nancy Mulligan👍👍👍

      • avatar Yoj Olevar 1

        whyy so smart and prettyyy?

        • avatar saroj kumar 1

          i think u made a mistake in 7.55 both cases x >=

          • avatar armondo22 1

            That was wicked helpful, thanks! As I was watching I realized you must be writing backwards, crazy… lol

            • avatar الرياضيات الميسرة 1

              good work thnk you i hope to viset my chanel nearly

              • avatar joohsay 1

                She is boring. Im not learning shit. Where is Dr. Allen ( Cal Prof) when I need him? lol

                • avatar terrance leacock 1

                  wow Nancy you are really pretty

                  • avatar CutieSen Eunhye013 1

                    it helped me a lot on doing my homework as well as studying in advance for our lesson, thank you so much for making this video

                    • avatar Saul Henri 1

                      I've just watched this b4 my main exam 2moro…thanks Nancy,hope i'll pass….

                      • avatar Kevin Rodriguez 2

                        im confused as to why x </ -3 when solving the quadratic equation, both -2 and -3 were >/ 0. so why was it switched he other way? there was no dividing by a negative. can someone help me understand?

                        • avatar E.J. Craig 1

                          Kudos for writing all this shit backwards