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    • avatar Bruce Gombrelli 1

      Very Basic

      • avatar Umeir Umeir 2

        This is basic SQL…. I am very disappointed with the misleading video title. If this is advanced, what are Window Function then? Window Function is basic I guess from your point of view.

        • avatar Kristin Guthrie 1

          Good video. Considering that I am self-taught and more familiar with Access, I am pretty impressed with how much I know. I just wish I could get my hands on the software so that I can learn more…

          • avatar Dilan Lokuge 2

            what are the differences at 15:46

            • avatar marnesh2008 1

              you guys introduce the simplest concept of sql by using those confused statements for new ppl? its really easy for ppl who know sql buy not for ppl who never used sql before, this video is trash

              • avatar Sunel Visser 1

                This Swedish man makes too advanced statements – can't follow his stories.

                • avatar Koren Borezky 1

                  Advanced SELECT Statements))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))