10 reasons why you should send your child to the Thai International School

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If you are thinking about starting a new life for your family, although you are not sure where to start, this is your article. One of the main factors in deciding to establish a new country is education. Everything is fine, choose a country's climate, food and culture; although if the education system is not strong enough to help and support you to train your child intellectually, then this is not acceptable.

Fortunately, we have compiled 10 reasons why moving to Thailand and getting your child into one of these countries is an incredible international school. These 10 reasons have nothing to do with the amazing culture of these countries, the wonderful climate and the richness of other beautiful features and benefits offered by Thailand; these 10 reasons are purely and simply related to their educational systems.

So, what makes these international schools worthwhile?

1 – UK course

Of course, not all international schools are concerned about the UK curriculum, and some are in favor of the United States, Japan, Australia and many other schools. However, from a British perspective, I am confident that my children will be sent to international schools because they know they will receive an education similar to mine. [After all, I think my results are ok!]

2 – English as a first language

Especially if your child speaks English, you will feel confident because you know that you will not throw them deep, they will have difficulty communicating and making friends. That being said, if English is not your first language, then students have a lot of support for learning and communication.

3 – A lot of opportunities to learn other languages

International schools also invest a lot of time and money to provide opportunities for students to learn and develop other languages. Through many different courses, your child will be able to develop multilingual skills that will be very beneficial to their future caregivers.

4 – Let your child immerse in a cultural cocktail

For me, this is one of the main benefits I think of sending children to international schools. Not only from an educational perspective, but also from a human perspective. Living and learning in many different cultures is a great way to encourage compassion, dignity and a better understanding of the world around you.

5 – Community support for students and families

International schools often have a very strong and thoughtful support structure to help students and parents adapt to their new lifestyle. Through a wealth of community events and meetings, families will soon feel at home in a new environment.

6. Experienced and diverse teaching staff

International schools in Thailand pride themselves on recruiting the best and most experienced teachers from around the world. This provides students with a good opportunity to learn, but equally, explore and understand different cultures.

7 – Modern and high quality teaching facilities

International schools have many different funding channels, so some of the best quality teaching facilities and materials are available. This gives your child a great edge in learning.


Another major benefit of teaching a British or American course is its flexibility in having to move around. For example, if you are staying in Thailand for only a few years; your child will be able to go home and return to school without much problems.

9 – Internal recognition

In your child's future efforts, being educated in an international environment looks great on your resume. Some employers may prefer applicants with international education because they tend to have more understanding when working with other nationalities or races.

10 – Teachers usually show more respect

Asian teachers are much more respectful than most teachers in Western culture. I am not saying that this is a fact, especially what I have observed through experience. This can benefit your child; learn and develop in an environment where teachers and students are usually based on mutual, hierarchical relationships.

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