1. Mary Scott Gilbert Mary Scott Gilbert

    Just want to say, "this ain't your Mama's video." I think I've watched every single video on YouTube for private label research – and you're the first one I've seen from someone who "thinks outside of the box." Damn good job !! If you're selling a course – I'm in ! Thanks a lot !!!

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  4. Ruby Swan Jewelry Ruby Swan Jewelry

    Wow, Patrick, that was inspiring! Thanks so much for putting the time and effort into making these videos! I was just starting to think about selling on Amazon because I just came into possession of about a pallet's worth of old books… but I'm also interested in looking into the sort of "survivalist" niche. Any comments? Ideas? Thanks! (Brenda)

  5. Mike Hughes Mike Hughes
  6. T4AVideos T4AVideos

    Awesome vid! Just what I needed to get my creativity going. Was going crazy with other vids that just talk about kitchen spatulas and apple cutters! Thanks a bunch. So, since I'm a newbie in the game, when will you make a vid like this for 2017/2018?

  7. Robert Front Robert Front

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    Thanks for the video man. It was very informative and helpful

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  11. Mike Rose Mike Rose

    Can this list be helpful for affiliate marketers as well? Very interesting ideas.

  12. Virve Georgeson Virve Georgeson

    I loved your video for sparking ideas! It is great for that, however since you made the video in April 2016 Amazon has changed their policy of paid reviews or product giveaways in exchange for reviews as of Oct-Nov 2016. The new policy is that practically nothing is allowed. You cannot pay, exchange product or hardly even ask for reviews except in a circuitous way with careful language. If you have a new product, never seen before and therefore with no reviews, Amazon has a service where they will ask your customers to write reviews during the first year you are on Amazon. The Amazon service is good for five reviews.

    Also apparently since recently Amazon will 'jump' on any product that is selling well for somebody and sell it themselves, so if you have a hot product you have to move really fast.

    My best takeaway from you video is that I should plan to write a booklet about" How to buy high heels that will fit and be comfortable". as a giveaway on my website in exchange for an email address. I would float the idea on a high heels interest sub Reddit (as you suggest) to see if people like my booklet plan, what topics it should cover, what styles of heels it should cover, should it include foot issues, how long it should be, etc. and if the feedback is good I would go ahead with it.

    I sell a really 'private', private label product that I invented/patented , so I have no competition. My main issue is getting the word out that my product exists- and that it is better than all the products out there in its' niche. I will use your video tip for another way to get the word out – thanks for that. I liked your humorous, non pedantic take on your subject too!

  13. Mariz April Francisco Mariz April Francisco

    liking this video 🙂
    thanks for the tips

  14. Jam Nasir Alliani Jam Nasir Alliani

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  15. J Gamble J Gamble

    Thank You for the video. Very informative!


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