11 ways to influence your investment to help your business

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You have realized that investing in your business is a good idea. You have seen the result of the action, the return on investment.

The return on investment is by no means a guarantee. It will never be. You conduct due diligence and research, and then you decide whether it is worthwhile to calculate the risk of return you want.

However, what is guaranteed is that there is no return on investment without time, energy and money.

The decision to shift your investment strategy may be the most challenging, as these benefits are often delayed. why is it like this? Because strategy drives everything in your business.

Your commitment to a strategic approach focused on impact is at the heart of your decision to invest.

So why is the investment affected? There are 11 reasons here, 11 ways to get a return:

  1. Companies that focus on influence have 12-14 times more revenue than companies that only focus on profits. . They even perform better than the best practice companies in Jim Collins'. Good to good from


  1. You have a clear position . This is especially important for crowded markets and those with mature and well-thought-out players. Millennials and people in their 40s are attracted to companies with higher goals because they know their purchases are important. People are increasingly willing to see products and services as commodities, rather than simply supporting impact-focused companies to gain impact-based high-value experiences and the ability to contribute to them.
  1. You attract the best people Those who are driven by your mission. This means a dedicated workforce. People are encouraged to integrate more fully into their work, both in performance and performance. When we spend so many days, getting the job done can help us live a fulfilling life.
  1. You reduce the loss of employee turnover . You can avoid the money and knowledge lost due to increased turnover and significant employee turnover. This is a refreshing wheel, and you can retain older, valuable employees and bring more experience through rich experience and youthful performance. Participating employees into your workforce, or even new customers, because dedicated employees become brand ambassadors.
  1. You thrive with higher goals . Helping you through the challenging times is a bigger picture, and you are willing to make a bigger contribution. As a result, you can more easily navigate through obstacles, keep power through them, and you don't waste a lot of time and effort to make things different.
  1. You avoid commercialization . For those who match your vision, buying goods from your company can be a moral and ethical decision, not just a cost comparison.
  1. When you don't invest in influence, you are still caught in a profitable economy, and the latter is dying with its companies faster and faster. Turn to influence the economy, help you achieve sustainable development through the company's focus on influence .
  1. You have cultivated a corporate culture that helps people thrive. . We all want to contribute to something bigger than ourselves. We don't want to be just a gear in a wheel of production and service. We want to know what we are doing. Taking into account the impact, we take our daily work to a higher level of contribution and creativity. We work together to achieve this goal.
  1. You create value for all stakeholders . This happens at multiple levels: finance, employees, suppliers, investors and communities.
  1. Your company's market valuation has improved . Your financial performance is directly related to your impact. Even if you don't set up sales, an increased market valuation will allow you to adapt to investors.
  1. You make a difference . You have more opportunities to innovate, build and contribute. Companies can do well in the world. You can contribute to your employees, customers and the wider world by focusing on them.

It is not enough to just think that influence is a good idea. You must commit to it on a strategic level. You have to invest in it.

Influence is where your business meets the world and makes it a better place. The true leader values ​​the well-being of all. Investing makes your company influential.

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