12 signs that your lesbian relationship is over

You are a lesbian relationship [or any relationship!] and want to know if it is already running? How do you decide when to bail? Of course there are obvious danger signs, such as cheating and abuse, but what if the trouble is more trouble than this? Here are a few ways to tell if you should consider breaking up and start over, and hope to make a more informed choice next time.

  • You feel trapped. This relationship is no longer a source of happiness, but an obligation you maintain. You walk into the front brace at night.
  • You are looking forward to the work week.
  • You are talking to the wall. You tried to explain your situation and your views on this relationship, but she did not address your concerns.
  • You feel that you are doing disproportionate relationship building work. You are a arranger, speaker, organizer, planner, repairer, and practitioner. If you stop, she doesn't take anything. You are exhausted and hurt.
  • You feel that you have no power or will to deal with this relationship, even if your partner really wants to turn things around. You don't care at all. The idea of ​​a couple consultation is not attractive. You have passed the idea of ​​not returning to emotions.
  • You often think about your predecessor or find yourself flirting with new people. You may have noticed that your partner is doing the same.
  • You and your partner fight more often and more intensely… or worse, you have no communication at all.
  • Your partner laughs at you, or other people around you feel embarrassed.
  • Before she tells you, your partner tells others important news. not good. Especially if you hear it from others first!
  • Your partner will not consult you until you make a major decision.
  • Your partner has no time to spend with you. You try to make plans together, but your partner often has an excuse to cancel them, whether it is work, a commitment to friendship, or just doing housework. You feel like you are at the bottom of the list.
  • Sex is dead.

If you have 4 or 5 such signs in your relationship, you may be in trouble. If there are 7 or 8 people going home, you might start thinking about getting rid of this relationship and making some plans for it. If the whole list sounds like your life, then run!

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