2 quick tips to bypass the Xbox 360 Red Rings of Doom!

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When I locked on me, I was entering Castle Crashers, and I got a terrible RROD [three red death rings]. What happened to my precious game system? I don't think this might happen to my 360, but I know now that the Xbox is really temperamental.

I gave my friend a ring on the phone and told him what had just happened. He let me know that he actually encountered a similar problem, he waited for more than a month to let Microsoft deal with this problem. The red ring occurs due to overheating because the console becomes very hot. Microsoft won't even send you back by sending you a system box. So, due to a construction failure, you now have a defective console, but you need to pay the shipping fee to fix it!

The following tips may cause your Xbox 360 to fail.

Tip #1] Ventilation is critical, so find a well-ventilated place for your console. If you find the Xbox 360 inside the entertainment device, please move it because it is too hot. Overheating is the biggest problem, so try moving it to a place with better airflow.

Tip #2] If you do suffer three red death rings, the safest thing you should try is to shut down the system and do something else after cooling for an hour. Try disconnecting all cables and peripherals from the console and moving them to a cooler location. Once the system has cooled down, reopen it and see if it is running again. I hope this will allow you to continue and prevent you from shipping it back to Microsoft.

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