2017 GDOE Promethean Level 2 Training for EETT: August 02

2017 GDOE Promethean Level 2 Training for EETT: August 02
Promethean Level 2 Training for EETT Teachers with the Guam Department of Education by Dimension Systems, Inc.   Promethean Board Training funded by USEd Title V-A Consolidated Grant  Enhancing Education through Technology/Gateway to Success ——————————————————————————— Location:  DIMENSION SYSTEMS, INC. Room: Suite 107, Conference Room Located: Across LBJ Elementary School, next to Guam Greyhound and same building as MicroPac/Dr. Shieh's Clinic/IP&E. Parking: can be found on the side of HealthFix and MicroPac. Entrance: is through glass doors under an awning facing the main road or through the side of HealthFix/Horecky's Law Office.   For more directions or more information, please call us at 646-2007 or 478-2029 or email us at  ——————————————————————————— Training Duration:  Training is a total of 6 hours. Time: 9:00am – 4:00pm 1 hour lunch break from 12:00pm to 1:00pm. ——————————————————————————— Item Requirements: Please bring your Laptop to follow along with the training and take notes. Must have Promethean ActivInspire Software Installed. If you have not gotten the software installed to your laptop, please Check FSAIS if you are using a GDOE Laptop or download the software under For: This is open to teachers who have finished the Level 1 Training and are currently utilizing/assigned to a classroom with a Promethean Board to teach their lessons. Recommended that teachers have experience with using ActivInspire or building their own flipcharts prior to joining this class.  *Only one session/training date is allowed per teacher. Description: The level 2 training course will use the software features that the teachers have learned and apply them into building activities and flipcharts for their class.  This course aims to get teachers thinking why and how to use the IWB most effectively during lessons. This requires having them learn to build and learn to create flipcharts.  Under promethean guidelines, topics covered in this course includes (but not limited to):  Building & Using Presentation tools and advanced features of the software Understand a range of ways in which the ActivClassroom can enhance teaching and learning Recognize good practice and how it can improve the quality of learning Produce well-designed and pedagogically sound flipcharts and assess the quality of other flipcharts Plan, teach and evaluate a lesson using a flipchart and any other features of the ActivClassroom available to you Reflect on your own use of the ActivClassroom   ActivInspire Flipchart Software features to cover: Using media, links into the flipchart reviewed Using Layers revisted Properties Containers Restrictors Actions   Assignment: An assignment will be provided to complete the Level 2 Training. ———————————————————————————   We hope to see you at the training!   Sincerely, Dimension Systems, Inc.

at Dimension Systems, Inc.
Chalan San Antonio
Tamuning, Guam

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