2017 will affect three major trends in the world of public relations

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As technology advances and the pace of digitization accelerates, the world of many industries, including public relations [PR], is rapidly changing. With this rapid change, these three major trends will have an impact on public relations professionals, especially those working in public relations companies:


Changes have taken place around the public relations company. While traditional offline agents are providing social media and digital services, on the other hand, creative agencies employ digital experts, creative people and sponsor strategists. In general, public relations companies are more addicted to brand strategy and provide new services such as creativity and design; video and digital public relations. The convergence of various services also poses a threat to public relations companies. Because the company expands its service offerings more, especially in terms of technology, it is more of an opportunity for customers and potential customers to move in conflicting spaces. Public relations consultants need to deal with this issue based on accounting and legal practice.

    2. Video – Storytelling New Star Elements

Public relations professionals are storytellers. They tell the target audience about their customers' stories through selected media. However, as the way people consume media and stories has changed, this has changed the storytelling model of the public relations industry. Many recent reports and studies have shown that people watch at least one video per day, and by 2020, 75% of mobile traffic is limited to video drivers. This has led to live video becoming a hot topic for billions of views on Facebook, Instagram and other platforms. Due to the high tendency to video, public relations companies are clearly starting to use video and other visualization tools such as charts, images and slides in public relations activities.

    3. Reputation is a key issue

Reputation management will gain a prominent position as a public relations service provided by public relations companies. Service already exists, but in such a turbulent world, its importance is increasing. From media reports to political changes, cyber attacks to online commentary, companies, governments, organizations and individuals will rely on public relations professionals to build, protect and enhance their reputation. PR companies/companies need to strengthen and enhance their skills to provide deeper, more accurate reputation auditing, management and recovery services in a coherent and marketable manner.

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