3 Methods to Watch Satellite TV

How would you want to watch satellite TV? Is it through a PC, TV or cable TV? Maybe, this is a famous question but the answer will depends on the strengths and weaknesses of each choice. According to a survey, a typical person spends an average of 16% of his time in a year watching TV. This is about two months a year and is a lot more compared to the time spent on sleeping. Also according to surveys, more people have at least two or three TV sets in their homes.

Therefore watching TV is a major part of every home. Let us discuss the features and the difference between the three choices to find out which choice fits you more:

1. Locality and user-friendliness

Cable TV is mostly likely well received in developed areas because it is not affected by environment and weather. Satellite TV is well accepted in areas that cable service does not reach like in rural or suburban district areas. You can also set a satellite dish system up to watch satellite TV on your television sets anywhere you are located. And with this, you can have an internet connection to access your satellite TV channels right through your computers.

2. Channel Reception

Satellite dish system will not give any problems with this. It must be set up for a clear line of view to receive satellite feeds. It is ideal to put up your dish in high rise buildings so that the satellite can have full sight of the skies. Therefore cable TV can receive and show TV channel transmission with a specific degree of clearness. But since reception of a dish system is dependent on environmental conditions like the weather, it may not be best to use for whole year round. On the other hand, you can eliminate this problem with a satellite TV on PC. This is not hindered by weather or environmental elements since it receives transmission through the internet.

3. Number of channel selections

Satellite TV is at its best when it comes to this feature. It is actually made to receive broadcast that are free to air, so you can watch any channel that you want as long as your dish system can reach it. But if you prefer to eliminate the use of a satellite dish system, a satellite TV on PC can be used. Cable TV has been trying to catch up with its competitors with the number of channel selections but is still having a hard time doing so. With the use of satellite TV, you can watch thousands of channels from all across the globe in different languages.

4. TV System Installation

There are three ways to watch satellite TV. You can have your own satellite dish system set up to receive free to air broadcasts. Or grab the free equipment installation promo that will be offered to you when you sign up for a monthly satellite TV programming from your service providers. Or you can watch satellite TV on your PC using a software which is to be installed via an internet connection.

5. Pricing

Satellite TV may be more preferred on this level over cable TV. Cable TV service providers are actually paying more levies to the state government because of the infrastructural makeup. The capital cost for cable TV providers are higher with the coming of the digital TV technology. This is the reason why satellite TV is cheaper than cable TV. The satellite TV for PC, on the other hand, takes away all the monthly fees that you are paying with cable services. You can have the easy do-it-yourself style software for just a one time fee only.

Maybe now you have come up with a decision which method to choose. With the differences stated in each feature, I am sure that choosing will come up very quickly and easily.

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