36 major industries invest heavily in blockchain

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By 2018, the market has mostly been in a positive direction and is now reversing. The Dow Jones index fell more than 665 points, the biggest weekly decline in two years. As major markets decline, investors immediately begin to reassess their risk tolerance, while cryptocurrency [CC] investors are reassessing risk because of all discussions about how unstable this market space is. It's not the usual mainstream economic driver that causes the CC to plummet – it's fear, it's massively contagious across all investment categories. The market is driven by human fear and greed, which have caused most investors to be unsuccessful for a long time. Cold analysis combined with a “smart” buying/selling strategy can eliminate emotions in investment decisions and pave the way for success. A strong bull market needs to be corrected occasionally to restore balance and lay the foundation for the next rise.

The flexibility of CC exchanges is much lower than that of the mainstream stock market; however, there are several CC exchanges that can satisfy both buy and sell limit orders. These facilities are strongly recommended as part of the “Import and Export” strategy.

The news for the CC market throughout January was mainly concentrated on the price drop of almost all coins. CC prices fell before the overall stock market fell, and more and more national governments responded by showing that they either ban CCs or increase their control and taxation. Since all major fears are now generated in the major stock markets, this is a perfect storm in which CC investors have multiple sources that cause fear.

Welcome to the world of passwords, you can make a fortune in a few months and see things crash faster. Obviously, investing more than a small portion of a portfolio in a password is an adventurous proposition. However, if you believe in the same concept behind Bitcoin and other passwords as we do, especially blockchain distributed databases – it is reasonable, then the investment password makes sense, especially the blockchain infrastructure that indirectly supports cryptocurrency. This is a technology which is expanding into many other areas.

Today, more than 36 major industries are investing heavily in blockchain technology to revolutionize the industry by cutting or eliminating costs and dramatically increasing efficiency and transparency. We are discussing various industries, including:

  • Banking industry
  • Law enforcement
  • Message app and ride cheers
  • Internet of Things [IoT]
  • Cloud storage
  • Stock trading
  • Insurance
  • health care
  • Election
  • Global forecast
  • retail
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Gift card and loyalty program
  • Government and public records
  • Charity
  • Credit history
  • Wills and heritage
  • And many other industries

We believe that we have had incredible changes for many years before this market finally reaches a standard. Yes, we will see many passwords coming and going, but like Amazon, Apple, Google and Facebook, there will be some excellent winners.

stay tuned!

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