4 easy ways to get more recommendations without being radical

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A non-motivated example of how to use word of mouth marketing to grow your business

Word of mouth marketing work.

In fact, recommendations are often one of the key factors that affect someone's cooperation with you. For us, we account for about 90-95% of new business recommendations.

How many times have you seen someone seeking advice on social media? When someone needs a professional, they will ask their network about who they are doing what they are looking for.

Therefore, developing a referral marketing plan helps ensure that fanatic fans tell others.

However, although we know the importance of asking for a recommendation, when it comes to it, the questioning section may be embarrassing and even radical.

But when you believe in the value of the things you offer, you can let others tell the world about you. When you have the right way of thinking and a proven process, getting recommendations is easy.

The following 4 ways to get more recommendations, you can use the following example immediately:

1. Set reference expectations

Before you start using new customers, you can let them see you as the person who sent the business. This looks like this:

“I am very happy to work with you. When our project is completed, I know that you will be excited about the work we have done together. Business growth.”

You can also mention the rewards you offer for recommendations that lead to sales. For example, we offer $100 to any website, search engine optimization or marketing job as the way we say "thank you". [For details, see point 4 below.]

2. Request a virtual introduction

A great way to get a recommendation is to have a virtual introduction of your contacts and potential customers. Here's an email like this:

Theme: Henry and Mike – a virtual introduction from [your name]


I worked with Mike for three months and he did a very good job of completing our bookkeeping work. I know that you are looking for a qualified bookkeeper, so I think I will put the two of you together.

Mike, met Henry from Company A. I have known him for five years, and he has earned a reputation for himself in this industry. In my circle, he is really valuable. He mentioned that he needs a good bookkeeper and I think you can help.

Henry, met Mike from company B. Mike and I went back. In accounting, he is a real rock star. He ensures that our books are balanced at all times.

This is your two contact information. Now reach out and connect!

Henry: 555-555-5555 Henry@gmail.com Companywebsite.com

Mike: 444-444-4444 Mike@gmail.com Mikecompanywebsite.com

3. Ask happy customers

After you have finished your work, ask the customer for the best time to recommend. They are excited about the results you produce and are willing to express your compliments to the world.

This is an example of such a problem:

Subject line: FIRSTNAME, quick question.

I am very happy that you are satisfied with our products or services. I like to help people like you, so I know that you are excited about my results. In fact, for this reason, I look forward to your help…

My goal is to help more people like you. So I want to know if you know that others can use my help? If you can text them in some kind words and ask them to contact me, would I like it?

With gratitude.

4. Provide referral gifts

Referrals take time and effort. When you make it worth a try, people are more likely to take the time to do it.

As a sign of your appreciation for their efforts, if they recommend you to hire you, please provide them with a gift card, referral fee, discount or other gift.

You can create a recommendation page on your website. Write an email to your customer and connect. Ask people in your Facebook group. Let your seller know that you are rewarding the referral. Even put a trailer on the back of your business card to let others know.

Here are some sample texts:

Get X for recommended friends and family: I would be happy to provide for everyone who ultimately hires me [insert your referral gift here]. This is just a small thank you, because the recommendation is the way we develop our business. Thank you for thinking of us! "

I hope these quick and easy examples will inspire you. So far, reference materials are the most cost-effective way to build a business.

Deliberate requests for referrals can open the door to unlimited growth. I wish you endless recommendations here!

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