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Family staging, this is something that ordinary family sellers should even bother with? Well, if you are going through the process of selling your property, I will say, yes! I will provide you with four reasons why you should provide the most possible home for your property.

Reason 1: You will make more money

I know this reason seems to be common sense for most people, but think about it, who wants to look at a chaotic family, in general, does not seem attractive. If that person comes to see the chaotic mess and ask you for a quote, I can guarantee that it will be a low ball offer. A survey conducted by Coldwell Banker Real Estate found that homes that spend half of the time in the market spend half their time compared to non-phased homes, with an average selling price of 6% higher than the asking price. An extra 6% means you have more profit, which makes you a very happy seller.

Reason 2: You will sell faster

If your house sells faster, it means it can still make more money. The faster your home is sold, the less you will have to pay to continue to pay. These fees include, but are not limited to, mortgage payments, property taxes, utility bills [water, electricity, sewers, etc.] and HOA fees [if you live in the HOA]. These are just some of the costs you need to continue to pay because your house is waiting for the right buyer to buy it in the market. A survey by the National Association of Realtors found that the longer the house stayed in the market, the lower the price, as buyers began to think that the property might be in trouble. This again means that you have less money in your pocket.

Reason 3: You will refund your money

A staging property may cost money. It depends on several factors, such as:

– How many homes do you want?

  – When you want to sell it, will you still live at home?

  – Do you even have a budget to be a monk? [I recommend that you budget at least a few hundred dollars to cover the main traffic area].

  – What is your target buyer?

These are just a few of the factors you need to consider when looking for a home. But most importantly, you will get the money you spend on the increased profits from selling your home. The National Association of Realtors’ survey also found that the average budget for stagnant homes was between 1% and 3% of the asking price of the property, and the return on investment was between 8% and 10%. Again, this is more money for the homeowner.

Reason 4: Your online photos will stand out

Once the property is well stocked, you need to shoot it and post it online to let the world know that you are selling your house. Postlets are a great place to post these photos. Post is a property syndication site that allows you to upload photos of your home and arrange them on professional flyers. In addition, it will post your property to multiple listing sites, which will allow people to see your home. This will give your property maximum exposure and help it sell quickly. All of this work will be useless, if there is no good, clean photo of the property, this is why you need to stage it. The National Association of Realtors found that 90% of homebuyers began searching for property online. If your house stands out in the many other properties that compete for their attention, it will sit there.

Staging can be a daunting task, and some companies will sell your property at a certain price. This price depends on the company.

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