4 things to do before outsourcing quality assurance

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Outsourcing your software testing can be daunting if you always rely on on-site teams or use near-shore partners. Outsourcing newcomers often have a series of questions: How do I know my project requirements are met when the test team is thousands of miles away? How can we communicate effectively so that we can solve urgent problems quickly? How can I ensure that QA engineers are well adapted to my existing team? These are common but important issues, and asking them will help you make the right choices when outsourcing.

One of the best ways to relax is to prepare, prepare, and prepare! By phasing out the following four items, you will be ready to begin formal quality assurance with your partner and prevent any accidental [and unnecessary] accidents.

Define your requirements

Effective QA engineers are trained, even if not better, to learn products better than developers who create products. While expertise and diverse skills can help engineers along the way, clear project requirements are indispensable. Your software testing company wants you to have a clear list of test requirements for your reference.

Before you start shopping for a partner, please meet your requirements as this will help you narrow your search and find the right provider. Ensure that your testing is thorough by involving different teams [developers, project managers, product managers] in discussions about the necessary requirements.

Walk around

Outsourcing QA is daunting because there are many different providers. Your choice depends on many different factors: budget, required area, test requirements, preferred method – the list can continue. This is a quick checklist to help you narrow down your choices:



While quality of service should be a top priority, quality assurance managers and chief technology officers are often bound by their budgets. Look for partners who can provide a flexible cost model and boost/reduce resources as needed. This means that you cannot provide extensive testing for engineers who may contribute to the project in a measurable way.



China, Southeast Asia and India are all hot spots for outsourcing quality assurance. But if you want to successfully balance quality and affordability, you should be close to India. For decades, it has been a leader in IT outsourcing and has received generous government assistance. Quality Assurance Outsourcing is a huge industry in India and has great professional appeal to many young and talented engineers in the country.


Requirements and methods

Look for providers that cover a lot of foundations and become full-service partners when you need them. Need to build a complete, scalable automation framework? Choose a partner who can provide an experienced team of automation experts. Need extensive mobile testing? Find someone who has a fully equipped mobile testing lab for every piece of equipment your product runs.

In addition, it is helpful to choose a QA partner who is familiar with your software development methodology. For example, if you have just converted to a full agile method, avoid using the provider of the waterfall method.

Perform microphone check

Smooth communication is essential when outsourcing quality assurance. why? Because when you have a question about a mistake, you can't walk down the hall and click on the QA engineer on your shoulder. That's why. Before you start looking for a partner, you need to know your communication strategy specifically. This includes your preferred method of communication, how often you need to update [daily, weekly, etc.] and how to escalate the issue.

The team responsible for product quality is thousands of miles away, so you want the communication bridge to be as strong and straightforward as possible. Look for partners who can offer a wide range of communication options, including video conferencing, reliable phone lines, secure and confidential email communications, chat messages and any other preferred contact options.

You also need to be alert to any existing language barriers. Try outsourcing with partners who are fluent in English, as engineers will be able to communicate product issues clearly, quickly and independently.

Know your long-term game

Are you looking for a quick solution or a long-term need for quality testing? If it is the former, any on-demand testing service is fine. But if you are looking for the latter, then your search needs to be more focused and cautious.

The outstanding quality assurance partners not only provide quality products, but also strive to be a true extension of your on-site team and absorb your work culture in the process. This is the difference between a temporary provider and a long-term partner who will grow with you. Your ideal choice will be a list of well-known suppliers with a proven track record of various industries and figures to prove their engineer retention rate [a great corporate culture logo].

Feel better about outsourcing? We hope so. If you have never done this before, this can be daunting, but with some preparation, vision and planning, boarding will be a breeze, and you will start the project before you know it!

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