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Participants in my public speaking seminars often asked me to recommend some excellent books that they could read in order to take their mastery of public speaking to a new level. In fact, reading is a great way to get new ideas and new ideas about voice delivery in this way.

Here are 5 books I highly recommend that you can read to improve your public speaking skills.

Book #1: from

Confessions of the public speaker Author: Scott Berkun

This book reveals the secrets of great speakers and communicators, and how to imitate the success of these speakers through very practical techniques.

Book #2: Speak like TED: the secret mind of nine public speeches in the world Author: Carmine Gallo

The ideas presented in this book are current and cutting-edge. If you want to learn how to market yourself and your ideas on the stage, this book is for you.

Book #3: Speak like Churchill, like Lincoln: 21 of the most powerful secret speakers in history Author: James C. Humes

Not only great leaders like Churchill and Lincoln are remembered for their heroic leadership, but also because of their fascinating and fascinating speeches. If you want to learn how to provide an inspiring statement that appeals to the mind and soul of the audience, pick up this book now!

Book 4: Lecture Zen: Simple presentation design and delivery ideas Author: Garr Reynolds

Garr Reynolds will use PowerPoint and Keynote to change the way you deliver your presentation. This book provides notable ideas that can change the way you prepare, design, and deliver your presentation.

Book #5: Quick and easy way to speak effectively Dell Carnegie

A classic public speech written by master Dale Carnegie. This book reveals how to use effective speech to influence ideas and win the basics of the human heart. Another book not to be missed!

in conclusion

Although I firmly believe that the best way to learn how to provide excellent reference materials is to do real things [yes! Continue class time to practice your sentences and hone your skills], reading new ideas and novel ideas can make you On the highway to achieve success and success in this arena. So go out and get a book right away!

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