5 roofing materials will enhance the look and feel of your house

The height of your home's roof determines the look and feel of your home. Considering that the roof is one of the most important parts of your home, you should try to make your house a functional roof, which also adds to the beauty of the home. The days when the only roofing material is sheet metal is gone, and today there are many better material choices that will bring the best home look.

Asphalt shingles from

 – They have become the most common roofing material for residential properties. This may be because the material is easy to install and very economical. Asphalts come in different colors and are not expensive, but they are also suitable for any given house style. However, asphalt shingles are not so durable and do not provide you with insulation benefits. But on the positive side, you can strengthen the shingles with organic materials or fiberglass without changing their appearance.

Slate from

 – This roofing material has a unique aesthetic and elegant appearance due to its available shades of red, purple, black, grey and green. The good side of the material is that it is fire resistant, sustainable, and can be recycled. It is also very durable. But it's heavy and expensive, and you definitely need a professional to install it. This roofing material also requires an additional frame. If you have a French castle home, European and colonial home style, then this is the perfect material to show elegance.

3. Tile from

 – Roof tiles can be made of concrete or clay, adding elegance and texture to your roof. Concrete bricks are very versatile and they are more affordable than real clay, but they are definitely heavy. If you are looking for extreme durability, then you should consider using real flat, scalloped or ribbed clay bricks. Tiles are non-flammable and durable, while concrete tiles tend to be more energy efficient. The only challenge with tiles is that they are heavy and expensive, and they may require additional frames. Clay and concrete bricks are ideal for Mediterranean, Southwestern, Spanish and Mission home styles.

4. Wood shake and herpes zoster from

 – The shingles are machine-cut, while the shakes are hand-made and rougher than the shingles on the exterior. They can be considered refractory and they provide a rustic look, especially made of pine and cedar. Redwood is also a favorite of many homeowners. However, shingles may not be the best in humid climates, and they are prone to decay, splitting and shaping. In some areas, fire codes prohibit the use of shingles and shaking. However, they made a very good roof choice for the cottage, the Tudor dynasty, the craftsman, the Cape Cod and the Peace House home style.

5. Metal from

 – This material is weather resistant and now has stylish shingles and panels. You can also use zinc, stainless steel, copper or aluminum. Metal roofs are light, smooth, recyclable and durable compared to wood or asphalt, but they can be expensive. The roof is ideal for cabins, modern, cabins and bungalows.

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