5 steps to a messy garage

Quick tips for garage organization and storage.

Move out

Thoroughly clean the garage and move it into the driveway or yard. Browse through each project and determine when you last used it. It is a good idea to organize your project into 3 groups at this time. Frequently used items should be able to enter quickly in low-storage garages, occasionally used items should be stored higher, more items and items that have not been used for more than a year, get rid of them.

2. Develop a plan

Your garage is an expensive room, but most people don't treat it like this. If you treat it like any other room in your house, it's worth taking the time to plan. As you do for the kitchen or bonus room, take measurements and put your plan on paper.

3. Classification

Identify the items you store in the garage but use in your home. Place these items near the door. Large items such as lawn mowers, high-pressure cleaners or snow blowers should be stored under the shelves so that they do not take up too much space. Keeping them in the corners is a waste of space and makes it harder to keep the floor clean. Remove your string trimmer, weeder, shovel and tweezers from the floor and place them on the storage system. There are many systems available to help store these items.

4. Garage, shelves and containers

Ideally, everything should be stored on the floor. Putting things in cabinets, garage shelves or containers not only allows them to leave the floor, but also keeps them clean. Not only does it keep your items clean, it also makes floor cleaning a breeze. Shelving is perfect for items you need to grab quickly or items that you need to be full of hands.

5. Security protection

Your garage is likely to contain harmful substances such as fertilizers, pesticides and paint. Keep them high and can't reach or lock them in the garage cabinet. It is also a good idea to place sharp gardening tools and chainsaws in a locked cabinet or on a garage rack. One item you should never have is a fire extinguisher. Your garage is likely to have many flammable items, so if there is a fire, make sure you are covered.

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