5 steps to effective email marketing campaigns

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The return on investment [return on investment] of email marketing is still higher than any other marketing strategy. Analysis shows that email marketing provides a return on investment of $40.56 per dollar invested.

Building an effective email marketing campaign may initially be a bit confusing, but with some practice and the right tools and techniques, it becomes very easy. And very effective.

1. Email marketing software

You need to use special software to manage your email marketing campaigns. Known as an autoresponder, it provides an efficient way to collect, deliver, monitor, and view email. This can't be done using regular email programs like Outlook, Gmail, Webmail, etc.

2. Plan your marketing email

Develop an action plan before sending an email marketing campaign. Think about your niche, your offers, and most importantly, the actions you want readers to take. Test each email by sending it to yourself, carefully checking the links, grammar and spelling. Don't let subscribers make mistakes, find them first. Each email should focus on at most one or two topics. Don't complicate your message with a bunch of different offers and themes overwhelming the reader in the same email.

3. Quality

Credibility is your most important resource in email marketing. If you are an affiliate marketer, only promote products you trust. If you recommend buying a product and the product becomes junk, your subscribers will blame you. Don't just send continuous offers to your list. Send useful free information and other freebies. The more value you give subscribers, the more times they open emails when they sign in in their inbox.

4. Subject line

Due to the subject line, almost one-third of email users open emails. Exciting thematic lines increase openness, but there may be risks if they do not reflect what is presented internally. Words such as "alerts", "news", "limited time offers" and "last chances" in the subject line have significantly increased openness and click-through rates.

5. Sales funnel

On average, approximately 7 communications with potential customers are required before making a purchase decision. Email is the perfect way to send these communications. When a potential customer joins your list, your automated response software can send a series of emails about autopilot. This is your sales funnel. This is just a set of steps where you can move potential customers through a series of communications, which ultimately leads them to buy from you.

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