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    • avatar Khalid EL Mezouarti 1

      thanks for advice.plz i live in morocco & i want to know how i send the ithem to the costumer ?. here is my email: khalid.el.mezouarti@gmail. com ,thanks again.

      • avatar Neito Kapfo 1

        awesome video made, never noticed how clever and witty an auctioneers can be. like can fool buyers. quite entertaining and knowledgeable. superb tips learnt today. thank you.

        • avatar Danny Anderson 2

          Great advice Pete, thank you.

          • avatar John McDevitt 1

            Buzz = lots of bids???

            • avatar LIYA ANNICE 2

              11.11 Aliexpress Shopping Festival is coming, Are you ready for it.
              check this video,it will save you a lot of money while shopping on aliexpress

              • avatar World Top10 1

                How did you only list for $14 shipping? That's how much it cost me to ship a computer joystick.

                • avatar Dwayne Martin 2

                  Another excellent video! Thanks, Pete.

                  • avatar Sarah Pfeuffer 2

                    Man, thank you so much for your very helpful auction tips! I put up my first auction item up a few days ago and it already has 44 bids. I'm already happy with the price and it still has 5 days left. Super valuable information you are giving us. Thank you!

                    • avatar Nadroj Somar 2

                      Very helpful sir! Thanks!

                      • avatar Sharking Mom Deals 1

                        Good tips.FYI for those people watching your YouTube videos on their phone when they switch to full-screen you video only fills 80% of the screen. Also some people cannot read the writing of the item that is listed when you show the Ebay listing in the video. I don't even know if your software allows for a close up of the listings.

                        • avatar lisa Duquette 2

                          To the hunter you are very kind to offer the info that you fo to help others the way that you do. I am disabled and trying very hard to keep s roof over my head and simply survive each day I've learned a lot from you and I just needed to say thank you..