5 ways to build website traffic

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I hope that you are always checking traffic – visitors to your site and see how many people visit the site, they are the first time or returning visitors, which page they viewed, whether they selected an action on the site, such as filling out Form, register your newsletter, buy something or request information.

Do you want to increase traffic and attract more visitors to your site? Here are 5 ways to increase traffic.

Website keywords and search engines from

 . Check your website and check if the "Title" "Description" and "Keyword" are the tags added to your website page. These are important to ensure that your site is indexed by search engines such as Google and Yahoo. In your page text – especially your home page – use the content that best describes your words and target audience as part of the body. After completing all of this – sign up for the site with Google, Yahoo and other major search engines. All of these have a free submission form, but there is no guarantee how long it will take. Keep checking your statistics and you'll see when to get traffic from search engines. See the keywords people use to find your site and optimize them on your pages.

Email newsletter and announcement from

 . Tell people on the list about your site and what they can find there and why they should visit. Add a registration form to the site and some motivations for people to sign up for your newsletter. Your newsletter and announcement will really establish your RETURN access to the website. Keep in mind that people may visit thousands of websites, even if they like you the first time they visit – they need to remind them to return.

link from

 . Link from other sites to build credibility and improve your position in search engines. These are called inbound links. If you have a resource or link page on your site – you can link to a useful site – then contact other site owners and ask them to link to you. If you have affiliates, partners, sponsors or other relationships – please send the link to your website, your logo and keywords, and ask if they will add your link to their website.

Signature file from

 . Add your website address to your email signature file to make it an organizational strategy, and let everyone create a standard signature file that contains links to websites. In any paper letter, flyer, brochure, advertisement, article and PR, of course, include your business card, including the website address.

Online social network from

 . Create your own status on Facebook pages and groups and on large social networking sites such as LinkedIn. Participate in groups and forums and use your website as part of your profile.

Use these methods to increase traffic to your site – but keep in mind that your site must be engaging and interested in this person and have appropriate call to action – or your efforts will drive traffic but will not help you achieve your goals .

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