6 Beginning Steps to Hassle Free Custom Software Development

Use of custom software has become imperative for any business to operate smoothly. Smooth operation can results in better performance and higher gains. But what forces a company to use customized software products instead of using ready to use software products. Custom software development services are provided by many software development companies at a very affordable rate. Also while using custom software the company can get rid of less useful additional features which come with the ready to use software products.

An offshore software development company can provide custom software development services related to the development of document management solutions, e-commerce applications, business computerization and application software, creating dynamic web portals, internet applications to support business-to-business collaborations and various other custom software solutions.

But all companies are not able to deliver the best though they follow the process that is required to be followed as per the company standards. This ultimately makes the process cumbersome and frustrating for both the offshore software development companies and clients. How well the custom software development goes on depends to a large extent on how well the software development company begins the development process.

Here are 6 beginning steps for any custom software development which can ensure that the process remains less cumbersome and frustrating :

1) Conduct Feasibility Check : Beginning of the project should be done by assessing the viability of the custom software development project. You need to check why the software needs to be developed and how it will simplify business operations. You can also check the ROI which will be affected by using the custom software.

2) Study and Finalize Need : Though this step sounds very much similar to the first step it is slightly different in approach to assessing and finalizing requirements for custom application development. Here a detailed interview with all those related to the proposed software including end users should be conducted to get a better idea of what features, solutions and functions will make the finished product more functional and useful.

3) Assess Technology Infrastructure : An analysis of the type of desktops, server and system capability and knowledge base of end users can help the software development company decide which platform and technology can be used for custom software development. This will ensure that the software developed is compatible with all systems and easy to use.

4) Consider using Industry Best Practices : Unlike any industry the IT industry has also defined some best practices for custom software development. These practices aid a software development company in rapid and step by step development of the software. Industry best practices emphasize on pictorial document for both technical and requirement documentation.

5) Design : Software designing should not be entitled only to software architect but should be done in collaboration with the programmer and developer. This way there are more chances that all aspects of software functionality will be covered.

6) Track Custom Software Development Progress : Checking the software development process from time to time can help the offshore software development company identify and solve potential and existing problems in the software. You can use project indicators for tracking the progress of custom software development.

He is working with offshore software development company since last 5 years that implements industry best procedure for custom software development in all its processes.

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