6 important factors to consider when getting a hotel property management system

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If you think the hotel is a well-functioning machine with millions of small parts working together to provide a seamless experience, a good property management system [PMS] is at the heart of the perfect machine. From simple check-in and check-out to a lofty experience based on guest preferences, a good PMS is an integral part of the hotel's operation in all shapes and sizes.

In other words, the technical needs of small hotels are very different from the technical needs of large hotels. An intuitive PMS that understands its specific requirements is worth the gold weight. But this is also a major investment. To ensure that funds are fully utilized, hotel operators need to choose a system that is suitable for their property.

Most hoteliers consider safety to be their top priority, and this is indeed an effective concern. Any PMS you choose must comply with the PCI standard. Without it, the system is threatened and vulnerable. Your customer's bank data, their credit card details and other personal information must be protected at all costs.

However, the specification did not end with security measures. There are a few other things to consider before finalizing your PMS for your property.

  1. It should be easy to use

The best technology is absolutely easy to use technology. The longer it takes you to wrap your head around the system, the faster you get tired of it. In addition, the hotel is known for its high turnover, and the software may be used by young executives and experts. The system should look like this, it requires minimal training to familiarize people with it.

  1. It should be mobile compatible

Gone are the days when technology was limited to personal computers connected to the desktop. This is the 21st century, and without your technical solution you can really walk with you, it is useless for all intentions and purposes.

Any PMS you consider should be able to connect and send information to mobile devices. No matter where you are, what devices you use, including mobile phones, laptops, tablets and PCs, should be able to communicate with you. This not only improves operational efficiency, but also provides excellent customer service to your employees.

  1. It should be easy to integrate

The PMS you choose should have an API that supports inbound and outbound connections. This will ensure that you can integrate it with any other solution you use in your hotel, such as customer relationship management and rate management software.

If your PMS does not facilitate in-depth cooperation with other suppliers, then you will have a broken technology solution. It will hinder two-way information exchange and hinder the sharing of customer profile data. The end result will be a less than satisfactory customer experience, not to mention the breakdown of the relevant systems.

  1. It should track guest preferences and history

The front desk is part of the hotel and can see the greatest participation, however, most of the tasks taking place there are quite ordinary and repetitive. If there is a way to automate, employees are free to participate in more important responsibilities. One way PMS can add significant value to the business is to make low-end decisions on behalf of the hotel. For example, it should be able to automatically allocate rooms based on guests. Likes. This will be done by collecting all relevant information and using it to make the appropriate choices on behalf of the guest.

Second, a good PMS should be able to attract the history of the guest to discern what he likes and what his preferences are. In this way, if a duplicate guest has booked a room through the pool in the past, the system will automatically book the same room or a similar room.

This automated form not only eliminates congestion at the front desk, but also allows for more intuitive communication with guests and provides personalized and informed service.

  1. It should automate customer communications

Hotels usually need to contact the guest to share regular updates. However, due to time zone conflicts, it is difficult to get in touch with them on the mobile phone. This is why they usually like to communicate via email.

For hotel owners and employees, this can often be quite cumbersome. If you forget to send an email, it can cause serious delays in communication. In order to keep the ship running, the property management system can automate this process by sending and confirming bookings, post-accommodation thanks and all other content-related emails.

  1. It should help you measure success

A major feature of the property management system is the advanced reporting. It saves you from having to browse long and complicated spreadsheets and decipher the data that is relevant to you. Instead, it puts all the information you need at your fingertips with just a few clicks.

The basic system will provide you with an overview of the day-to-day operations of the property. More advanced systems should be able to provide reports on parameters such as check-in and check-out, cancellations, payment methods, average vacant rooms, average occupancy rates, average length of stay, and even revenue per available room.

With so much data, you can understand how your business is doing and even identify areas for improvement.

You may have gathered to the present, a good property management system can really send God to a small hotel. It works invisibly behind the scenes, and it combines the best part of workflow management and decision automation. It also shows a fair amount of intelligence, learning from the external systems it integrates with and providing a few insights that help improve customer relationships.

That's why it's important to choose the right PMS for your business. With all the factors in mind, evaluate your requirements and make a final decision after you have identified all the boxes for the product.

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