7 fatal crimes of internet marketing… plus secrets to increase website traffic, sales conversion and ROI

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If set up well, online marketing can help you generate consistent passive income. There are many stories about how first-time entrepreneurs earned a lot of money to sell their products and services through online marketing. But there are hundreds or even thousands of stories about how people fail. Invest in their money, lose it or recover a little bit.

In its simplistic model, online marketing is divided into three phases. In the first phase, you will get the traffic you choose to join the system. In the second phase, you convert the potential customers you choose to join into customers. Then in the third stage, you can keep these customers by asking them to buy them again.

However, each stage has inherent risks. If you only commit a crime of online marketing, it may stifle your entire business.

There are 7 fatal crimes of online marketing. Why should I avoid them? Also, what you should do is not more successful.

Fatal Marketing Crime #1: Send traffic to your homepage

The money you invest in the transaction is the sunk cost. The only way to get a return on your investment is to sell products and services. So if you want someone to click on your ad, you'll want to have the best chance to sell them.

However, 92% of consumers who visited the brand's website for the first time could not buy it. Only 32% of people who visit the site are interested in buying or never buying. This is a study by Episerver for 1,112 consumers in the United States.

That's why it's important to let your potential customers choose to join and allow you to send emails to them first. Then you can build relationships with them. In addition, educate them through educational information to build trust and credibility. All of this can lead to sales conversions.

The best place to send traffic is to focus on landing pages that visitors choose to join. But the home page is the wrong place to send traffic. This is because most homepages have a menu and too much information to distract visitors, even if you include an opt-in form.

Fatal Marketing Crime #2: Send cold traffic to your sales page

Sending cold traffic to your sales page before they choose to join may be worse than sending it to your home page. Less than one-third of potential customers will buy on their first visit.

By sending traffic to your sales page, you may lose them forever by leaking prices without first establishing a relationship with them. If they leave without buying, you can't follow up. So you waste your advertising investment.

Fatal Marketing Crime #3: Invest in Transportation before investing in your sales funnel

Why you can't convert to sales on website traffic. Don't put your car in front of the horse, because you may not be able to get where you want to go.

The key to sales is to have a good sales channel. Therefore, you can generate a sales conversion. A good sales funnel includes a series of email letters that contain content links to build trust and credibility. Add one or more landing pages with persuasive content and powerful quotes. And the order page confirms the quote in a quick and easy way so that the buyer can complete and submit the quote.

Fatal Marketing Crime #4: Don't know your target market

Marketers often commit crimes that are too broad for a target audience. However, not only will it cost more for a broad audience, but it will also reduce sales conversion rates.

Before investing in transportation, the best first step is to conduct a market survey. In-depth investigations help you find demographic, psychological and purchasing behavior characteristics of real target markets. The results can help you determine the most appropriate marketing information.

Fatal Marketing Crime #5: Do not split your contacts

A message that is right for everyone is dead. The advantage of online marketing is that you can segment your contacts and provide a personalized experience for everyone.

Two common ways to split contacts are through custom fields and tags. You can then group your contacts based on people with specific tags or custom field data. You can personalize your marketing message based on this standard. This can lead to higher sales conversion rates and higher customer satisfaction.

Fatal Marketing Crime #6: Do not split test your campaign

With the split test, you can compare the results between 2 to 4 versions of the landing page. So you can improve your results. For a higher selection rate. Or a bigger sales conversion.

The key to split testing is to focus on only one variable at a time. This variable can be used to compare the title of the title page, pricing, quotes, and even design. You simply specify the current version as a control and send a percentage of the contacts in the funnel to the Test Page. When a "test page" result defeats the control, it becomes the new control.

Fatal Marketing Crime #7: Do not invest in reselling activities

Up to 67% or more may give up their shopping cart. However, through price reductions, you can regain more than a quarter of your sales losses.

A downsell activity involves sending a series of messages to a contact who abandoned the shopping cart. Each message contains a persuasive message with a link to a dedicated login page with special offers. Once the loss of sales, it has now increased sales conversions.

In short, any of the above online marketing crimes will result in damage to your business. However, when you implement the recommended strategy, you can help your business grow. Help you achieve higher choices, increase sales conversion rates and higher return on investment.

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