7 important reminders of the business woman Lydia from the Bible, the daughter of God today

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Lydia is one of the most successful business women in the Bible. You will find her story in the Bible in Acts 16:14-15. According to the Bible, Lydia is a commercial woman who dyes and sells purple fabric, which was used by the rich and the elite at the time. This means that Lydia works in the high-end market and has a high-end target market.

But Lydia is more than just a woman who sells luxury goods to elites and powerhouses. In all respects, she seems to be the owner of her family, the employer of others, and a woman with a great Christian faith. She was the first to convert to Christianity in Europe and the first to establish a church for other Christians at home. Scholarship time includes examples of how to do business and worship in a business woman's day.

As a powerful woman of God, Lydia today offers a lot to Christian business women. Here are seven precious lessons from the Bible woman Lydia on God's women.

1. Keep praying in your daily activities. Lydia's Bible story says she met the apostle Paul in a place of prayer. She also opened a home to provide worship for others. As a woman of God, keep your priorities. Remember not to pray all the time, including your business activities, and use prayer as a priority in your daily life.

2. Try to please the Lord. Lydia took on her responsibility as a Christian business woman and was very serious about "working with God." You can show Christian faith through nature and personality, not aggressive or unprofessional. Show the Bible Principal through actions and decisions in your business.

3. Design a strong company. Lydia is a serious business woman who has established a large company in a wealthy market. There is nothing to say that God's woman must play a small role in the business world. Christian business women should be willing to work in all types of industries, rather than avoiding excessive potential. If you pursue your dreams, please use Lydia as a model for your growth.

4. Try non-traditional opportunities. As a successful and wealthy purple businessman, Lydia was in a non-traditional business category in her time. Don't shy away from embracing non-traditional business opportunities. Consider working in areas where there are few women who are outstanding and creating new paths to success.

5. Find a balance between work and family. Lydia still maintains her own family while running a strong business. Every woman must find a balanced approach to maintaining family order while running a business. This may mean downsizing or hiring help. Use your business skills to find the right approach for you.

6. Learn to develop business. Lydia's career was very successful and she had to hire employees. Developing a business means hiring help. This assistance may come in the form of part-time assistants, independent contractors, freelancers or full-time employees. Beginning with the initial business planning phase, consider how and when to start hiring help to expand your business operations. This can create jobs for others, increase the economics of your region, and increase your position and influence as a business professional.

7. Know that you can prosper. Lydia shows that successful Christian women can be very prosperous. There is no reason to worry about money or to avoid making a lot of money in business. It is important to check your heart so that money won't be your focus, not God. Lydia is a business woman in the Bible who prospered while giving God all the glory.

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