7 key points of martial arts speed

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No matter what your martial arts style or method… Speed ​​is critical to the success of competition and self-defense. The sharp response of a razor is often the only difference between winning and losing physical confrontation.

With seven key martial arts speeds, you can maximize the benefits of your training and improve your competition and self-defense skills. The absolute best carrier to get the seven keys of martial arts speed is from

Speed ​​cycle from

 [TM] Training System.

The speed loop consists of seven components of speed and their interrelationships when applied in competition or self-defense. The Speed ​​Loop training system is designed to isolate, transform, maximize and integrate the seven attributes of martial arts speed, including:

  1. Visual reflection from

     : This component focuses on training methods that will increase your ability to find openings and track motion. Superior visual response allows you to identify, track, differentiate, adapt and counteract movements with precision and confidence. In martial arts, visual reflexes are mainly used for remote combat. In addition, visual response is critical to the success of world-class athletes in all competitive sports.

  2. Tactile reflection from

     : This component focuses on training methods that train your tactile [tactile] response. Through practice, you can quickly understand the direction of your physical strength and learn to immediately feel what the opponent wants to do. When you are in the cuddle or trap, you must predict your opponent's every move. Ninety-five percent of the battles are eventually in close quarters. get ready!

  3. Auditory reflex from

     : You can improve your hearing response by improving your listening skills. It's important to respond quickly to what you hear. In cases where you have to protect yourself from multiple attackers, you are likely to hear the attack before you see it. If you have experienced blind play or fight in the dark, you will know the importance of this attribute.

  4. Adaptation speed from

     : This component handles your thinking to instantly select the perfect action in response to an attack or open. You should develop the most effective action you can choose at any time during physical confrontation. A highly developed adaptation speed will allow your response to automate the motion selection process. Through training, you will learn to be quick, accurate, and quick to react without thinking.

  5. Startup speed from

     : Once you have selected the correct start-up action, you must focus on the development of the explosion. It's not how fast you move, but the speed at which you get there is really important. Your attack may be very fast in flight, but a slow takeoff will severely reduce your chances of effectively landing your target. Train yourself to feel your movements before you see them by cultivating flawless poker faces and the ability to relax.

  6. Moving speed from

     : Movement speed refers to the ability to quickly transfer part or all of the body from one place to another. This is the most recognized speed for the public. In addition to heredity and weight, your ability to effectively contract and relax your muscles will determine your speed of movement. Don't worry about the speed of the "demonstration". Your training should focus on developing "app" speeds that will help you overwhelm and subdue your opponent in seconds.

  7. Change speed from

     : During training, be sure to participate in exercises that can develop protective measures, called speed changes. Changing speed involves the ability to quickly change direction in the middle of motion. Basically, it involves controlling balance and inertia. By mastering body mechanics, you can immediately develop the ability to stop exercising… just in case you initiate the wrong action.

In addition to the seven keys, you should also incorporate speed-impedance training into your training to achieve full speed. Speed ​​hurdles can effectively slow down your opponent's reaction time to your attack. Having good speed blocking skills will enhance your ability to confuse, fix and defeat your opponent.

By focusing on the maximum development of each individual speed component, your training will be more efficient and effective. This will help you develop excellent speed and power in the shortest possible time.

Use innovation from

Speed ​​cycle from

 With the training system, you can maximize your speed and strength in MMA, martial arts, boxing and wrestling. For more information, please visit http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/0976899809?ie=UTF8&tag=fitnelifes08-20&link_code=as3&camp=211189&creative=373489&creativeASIN=0976899809

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