99% of relationships will fail

When I was sitting here preparing for writing, I already knew that this would be a controversial article, but what was not controversial in life? In life, many people want to know why many of their relationships do not work for a long time. They went all out and devoted themselves to it, just to do it alone, exhausted and had to start over. The truth of the problem is how it should be, because 99% of relationships will fail. However… they will all succeed.

I can only imagine the expression on your face while reading. Yes, 99% of the relationships have failed… I said that this does not mean that I am superficial, I don’t think the relationship can work, because it can, but the question is… how long ?

The relationship between people is not a love nest for a lifetime, you will live happily here forever. They are designed to teach you something. In the process of learning, love may come, love may stay, love may go. But no matter what the outcome, the odds are already bad for you. When you meet someone, 99% think the relationship will fail.

Think back to the first love. For some people, these are good memories. Now my question is: Where is that person now? to be frank. Do you know how many people are with the first person they fall in love with? Since then, most people have been with many people. However, there are still a few people still with the same person, which reminds me of my previous question: How long? There have been many people who have been married for more than 25 years. Yes, this is a special thing, but it does not mean that they mean together. This may mean that over the years, they just got used to each other and just accepted what they have. If this is the case, the relationship is not successful. None of them are really happy, they just obey what they accept. Some people have been married for more than 25 years and have divorced. On the other hand, 1% of people are happy and deeply loved, and will live happily forever.

When you are old, you are usually tired of the game and are ready to settle down and meet that particular person, but this does not always happen. You are dating after dating and wondering why you didn't encounter "that" and began to wonder if you have a problem. That was when the prayers for God began to take place. And it seems that the more you pray, the more you fail.

If you have a bad relationship now, ask yourself why? How long have you been with this relationship? Finally, why are you still there? If someone asks you this question, when you answer and get the "deer in the headlights", it's usually because your answer is only meaningful to you, but not meaningful to others. You are trying to do something that should not work.

Everyone you meet and build relationships with is not someone you should be with you for a long time. Everyone enters your life for some reason. The problem arises when you try to catch the temporary person and make him or her a permanent person. The person you have contacted with only one purpose may just teach you something. When you are taught, his work is done. However, one problem is that you let him wander around and experience unnecessary pain and stress, because now you don't want him to realize that you have developed that damn thing, but don't realize that you will meet other people who will teach you other Something about people. Some people will teach you how to love, how to feel pain, how to recover and how to become strong, to name a few. You will also meet people who are not suitable for you, but these people are suitable for your child, your friends or other loved ones. For whatever reason, everyone has their own special purpose in your life, but when you ignore all negative signs, you change it and try to make it beyond its intentions.

Life will bring you many twists and turns. In some of these turns, you should turn to the left instead of to the right, which will take you on a different path that may not be right for you. But no matter what it brings to you, it will definitely lead you to build relationships. And, in 99% of cases, this relationship will fail, but … the purpose of the relationship will always succeed.

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