A beginner's guide to buying solo ads for your member offers or online marketing

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Are you buying Solo ads?

Read this before diving into this traffic acquisition method.

Solo Ads is my favorite way to get traffic for a few reasons.

I like Solo Ads because:

• I can extend it.

• I can get it quickly.

• I can make it consistent.

• The most important part for me is the potential customer.

When you buy independent ads, you'll get more potential customers than regular PPC campaigns [especially if you're new to the industry]. The reason for this is because the Solo Ad supplier has established a good relationship with his list, basically what will happen… The supplier tells his list "to check this offer" and then they immediately Go check it out because they trust him completely. However, before you start jumping to a different vendor and buying a large number of clicks, you need to follow some rules to get high quality traffic without losing your money.

Here are the rules I personally follow each time I buy an independent ad.

1] Find a good supplier.

This is really not difficult to do. Search for "solo ads testimonials" on Facebook, join the few groups you will find in the search results, and start reading recommendations from different vendors. Usually, the recommendation book looks like this

Seller: Solo Supplier Name

Order clicks: 500

Clicks received: 550

Opt-in: 65%

Level 1: 95%

Sales: 6

Comment: Wait, wait, etc…

When reading a testimonial, you need to focus on four key points.

I] What is the percentage of clicks over delivery?

Everyone loves shipping. Usually the seller will provide more than 10% of the delivery to the customer.

Ii] What is the average selection rate?

I don't buy independent products from suppliers, and the choice rate of these suppliers is less than 30%.

Iii] Level 1 –

Make sure your suppliers' traffic comes from top countries… below 85% of Tier 1 is not good for you. If you sell something online, you want to sell it to someone with a credit card and purchasing power. For a higher level 1, you may pay more, which means your cost-per-click [CPC] will be more expensive.

Iv] Did you see "sales" in the testimonials?

If the supplier has a sales certificate, it means he has a buyer' list.

So, as you can see from the example above, you don't have to be genius to understand that if you reach four points, then this is a good proof.

When reading a testimonial, you must also review the personal data of the person who posted the testimonial to ensure that they are not false personal data. This usually doesn't happen, but I just want to tell you the probability, so you will be careful. All fake configuration files have similar patterns, so here are some ways to find them; you can check them out;

a] The date the profile was created.

b] The number or number of friends.

c] The number of personal photos.

d] The number of posts on the timeline and the user's activities.

You should open Notepad and write down the name of the vendor you think is appropriate. Also, continue to look for recommendations. If you see the same name over and over again, you will see the same supplier getting good recommendations again and again, which shows that the seller is very good, you can try him.

2] Contact the supplier.

You can try to add him to your friends list via Facebook. It’s always good to have friends, right? However, you must ask the supplier for some very important questions.

Here are the questions you have to ask him, and this is also the question;

1] Which niches does his list apply to?

You can't advertise from

MMO from

 Is it justified to "make money online" niche products to the list and want to lose a few pounds? it is good! A good supplier divides his list into different niches and sub- niches. For example, there is from

MMO from

 "Make money online" niche, there are IM [network marketing] have Bizop [business opportunity]. If you promote any product that helps you make money online, or educate people on how to make money, or even if you are promoting an online tool [which may be suitable for IM niches], these three niches can be applied to you.

2] Does he have a website?

Usually they have a website where you will find a large number of letters of recommendation and the price of different individual advertising packages.

3] When can the supplier arrange X clicks for you?

If the supplier says that he can provide clicks immediately or immediately, this is not a good sign, which means that the supplier has no order for some reason. For bestsellers, you can wait for a while, even up to 1-2 weeks. However, if the supplier says delivery starts in 2-3 days, it will be quite good.

4] How long does it take to provide you with X clicks?

As I said before, I want traffic to flow quickly, so if I click on 300 clicks, I don't want to wait a week, all the clicks I order will be provided. Usually, you get 300 clicks in 1-2 days.

5] Can he provide a guarantee for the option?

Some suppliers will guarantee the choice. In fact, I personally got a few refunds because the supplier ' traffic was not converted to a potential customer. [Of course you have to check if your funnel settings are correct]

6] Who provides the credit card?

You want to make sure your message matches the market. If the supplier tells you that he does not accept your card, please continue to look for other suppliers. Sometimes, the supplier can say that he will look at your card and let you know if he will make some changes… To be honest, sometimes these changes are good. Suppliers can swipe you:

One. Recreate it in a way that looks more professional

Every supplier in the Bay has its own way of talking to his list, so he may change it a bit, so the slide will match his behavior and still match the message to the market.

No matter what slide you decide to use;

7] Ask if the supplier can choose to join his list.

The vendor has no reason to reject this request, but it allows you to see the actual message that the seller sent to its list. So if the supplier says that he accepts your credit card and then actually sends his own credit card, this is a completely different message, then you can kick him from

One $$ from


8] Ask if the supplier will provide you with a third-party tracking source.

So, in addition to your own tracking tool, you can track the number of clicks he sends from the tool.

Last few tips

1. Always test suppliers with a few clicks before expanding.

2. The best test amount is to click 300 clicks at the beginning.

3. Know your number, how much choice do you get from the supplier? How much is converted into sales?

4. What is the price? If a supplier offers you a click of 0.35 cents or less per click, away from him, 0.35 is the lowest price for a bestseller, but you can find different price ranges up to $2 per click.

5. A good supplier will subdivide his list, so when you receive a sales lead, make sure that 95% of people have never seen this offer.

6. Don't be afraid of robots. Tracking software can detect 99% of robot clicks.

7. Always pay with your credit card, or if you have a PayPal account, make sure your transaction is through your credit card instead of your PayPal balance. The reason for this is that if you have some problems with the supplier and want a refund, it will be very difficult to get a refund via PayPal, but it is easier to contact your credit card company and ask for help.

8. Remember that a good supplier will never risk his reputation and send you fake clicks.

9. Remember, if you have a serious problem, a good supplier will refund you forever, just don't take his reputation.

Final tip… Don't be afraid of Solo Ads, which is the best traffic for beginners and professionals.

Of course, there is always a risk when you buy a solo, but always remember this sentence. from

"No pain no gain"

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