A Celebration of Women 2017

A Celebration of Women 2017
A Celebration of Women events are designed to empower (mind, body and spirit) to honor, uplift and enlighten women in our own special uniqueness. The annual celebration brunch embraces and highlights the essence of a woman and all that she stands for. It is through her spirit and grace that she triumphs in the best of times and worst of times! I encourage you to be a part of this very special event -If you want to be inspired to be your best you and be empowered from the inside out! The room will be filled with so much Love...... Above all else, guard your heart, for it the wellspring of life-- Proverbs 4:23 Come on out and enjoy great speakers, chinese auction and much more! Proceeds from the Celebration will benefit women and their children in need in our local communities!!    

at The Foundry
1738 Elmwood Avenue
Buffalo, United States



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