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I received in the mail a free AOL disc and I first went “online” with it back in 1990. The AOL phase lasted about 5 years and in 1995 a friend said to me, “You don’t need AOL to surf the net.” I was honestly surprised back then; I was ignorant to the whole internet thing. A few days later I started to cruise the info superhighway and didn’t look back to AOL. Also, at that time PC’s had not been interesting to many people, however they did rush to stores with computers so they could get on the internet and receive their email.

Back then the Internet was really different. Web pages and sites were a lot simpler, since everyone was practically using dial-up internet service. The “information” was easier to find because the internet wasn’t over ran with commerce sites. Since the early ’80s, forums and chat rooms were prevalent but were clunky and hard to use. It was much easier to use due to AOL’s interface.

While blogging began around 1994, it didn’t start to take off until ’99 with the introduction of “blogging tools.” When political pundits glommed on to blogs in ’02, the blog-o-sphere really took off. Now, there’s a blog for everything. This is good news and bad news. For researchers like me, when I do a search, nearly half of the links are for product, services, books, auction listings, and forum or blog comments. At first, I was kind of annoyed with the Corvette forum links because searches often linked to things such as, “I like side-pipes too.” But when I took some time to go to the Corvette forum’s home page, I was pleasantly surprised to find a rich, comprehensive information source.

Take a Corvette forum such as The Corvette hobby is huge because it covers a 57 year lineage of cars in six distinct generations. SmokinVette has Corvette forums for all six generations. Once you’re into your generation’s forum, cruise around, and check out the topics. Every forum is unique, so spend some time poking around the links, controls, and drop-down boxes. It’s like wandering around a big box, home improvement store. It’s a little overwhelming at first, but it doesn’t take long and you know just where to find that sky hook you’re looking for.

Sometimes I’m just in the mood to look at pictures. SmokinVette has a HUGE collection of Corvette photos. And what would a high-testosterone topic like Corvettes be without a collection of Corvette Girls? BORING! You won’t find anything too over the top at SmokinVette, but you WILL find lots of SMOKIN babes. That’s a compliment, ladies.

Owning a Corvette isn’t as economically challenging as owning a pleasure boat, but you WILL be spending some cash either refurbishing or personalizing your Corvette. The “Vette Parts” section of SmokinVette can help you locate anything from a supercharger or crate engine to a LED lights or used parts. You’ll find stuff you didn’t even know was being offered! Corvette people are VERY creative.

It is very hard to only be a voyeur. As soon as you finish the free registration, you can add your ideas on some of the forums, start a new forum topic, and ask a Corvette question, or even post images and/or photos. People interested in Corvettes are VERY helpful. Whether you own a Vette or just an enthusiast, you are a member of a uniquely American club. The “Save the Wave” thing got started as a way for Corvette owners to notice one another on the road. Corvettes are special and they are something more than just “cars” that you will not be able to comprehend until you drive one. Driving a Corvette is a genuinely unique experience. You can’t just “ride” in a Corvette you have to DRIVE a Corvette, because they are designed and made to be DRIVEN. I have heard and read so many different times, a new Corvette owner say, “I never really understood this car until I drove one.” That’s the moment when you get hooked.

Make some time, get comfortable, and check out some Corvette forums, such as It’s very fun, educational, engaging, and a good way to meet like-minded people the “get” the Corvette passion. Enough said! -KST

This article was written by K. Scott Teeters, an editor for Alex Schult of and a freelance columnist and artist with VETTE Magazine. His monthly column, “The Illustrated Corvette Series” has been running consecutively in VETTE since 1997 and can be found on the very last page of every issue. You can find reproductions of his Corvette art at:

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