A Delightful Purchase Experience (DO NOT MODIFY)

A Delightful Purchase Experience (DO NOT MODIFY)
Nothing has changed the way we live, work and play, quite like mobile devices have. We spend more than 50% of our time on the internet on our phones, scanning the news, video chatting with our family, discovering things to do, buying tickets to fun events, “liking” photos on Instagram. Over the past few years, we’ve also seen this same trend at Eventbrite. In the last year alone, we saw traffic to our site on mobile phones grow by more than 100%. So we felt it was time to rethink the entire purchase experience and make sure it’s great on both mobile devices and desktop PC. A new mobile-friendly purchase experience. Using your mobile device to make purchases should be fast, seamless, and easy, from the moment you land on a page through the checkout process. Google Search also puts a premium on great mobile experiences, which makes it that much more important for event organizers to have a mobile-optimized site today. So here’s where we come in. For months now, we’ve been experimenting and iterating on a new mobile-optimized event listing design that help our event organizers easily create beautiful pages reflecting their brand on both mobile and desktop. At the same time, we’ve been envisioning a new checkout experience to help drive more conversion on both platforms. When we unveiled our brand new event listings’ design to a limited set of free events, we were excited to see event organizers start uploading beautiful hero images for their events. Not only did they look great on desktop and mobile, but the new design has also had major impact on event registrations. In initial tests, we were thrilled to see that attendees landing on new event listings were over 35% more likely to register versus those landing on event pages with the classic design. So we’ve gradually continued to make the new event listing design available to more events, including those with paid tickets. Over the next few weeks, events using features like reserved seating, repeating event schedules, custom questions and others will also be able to use the new event listing design. We’re also testing out a brand new mobile-friendly checkout flow to complete event registrations. Instead of a long single-page registration form that’s awkward to complete on a mobile device, you’ll see a simpler, smarter registration experience for your attendees. This new checkout flow will be limited to a set of free events to start, while we carefully measure and refine the experience before making it more widely available. We hope you’re excited about these updates as much as we are. As more updates and results come, we’ll keep you informed here on the blog, so stay tuned. If you have any questions or feedback, please leave – See more on our blog

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