A DIY Guide to Create a Perfect Video Streaming Site

Yes, live video streaming made video transfers so simple. No more heavy equipment to move, connect and construct or even huge video cameras or circuits to linkup and perfect. With a simple mobile application and suitable internet connection, anyone with a smart phone or a tablet computer can transfer almost anything to anywhere across the world. And when apps like Meerkat and Periscope made this easier by introducing the feature where streamers or broadcasters can now interact with their viewers about the streamed video right on it; live streaming only became more convenient and popular.

And with quite a number of video streaming tutorial packages online, it's not tough to perfect a broadcast either. From television channels and event planners to entrepreneurs and corporate officials; live video streaming is now something that everyone prefers. Why record, edit, compress and then transfer a file, when you can simply shoot a file and have it viewed by your audience all around the globe instantly without any delay.

Live streaming has influenced people so much that even the social media giant facebook is now looking to deduce plans to introduce a live video streaming service on its platform.

But before we start exploring live streaming options, let us look at why anyone would prefer streaming an event live, when they can always enhance and edit the clip such that viewers only view what they want them to watch.

Live streaming is instant Broadcasting an event with live streaming services needs no exhausting processes. You just shoot the event and the video gets broadcasted to all your viewers. And as for viewing, live streaming needs no buffering or any other wait to view the event. Your audience gets to view the event right as it gets streamed.

Needs no heavy machinery Streaming an event over the internet doesn't require any sophisticated circuit or high end cameras to perfect. All a streamer needs is a stable internet connection, a simple smart device (smartphone or tablet computer) and a live streaming app compatible with it.

No expertise required Since streaming an event needs no heavy machinery or professionals to operate high end cameras, it can be perfected by anyone with just the necessity to do so. Live streaming comes so simple and can be effectively carried out by anyone, even ones with no such technical expertise. And since the internet has a number of online institutes providing video streaming tutorial packages to newbie streamers, streaming an event is nowhere near to being termed 'sophisticated'.

Serves a greater audience Since streaming needs no circuits or procedures, streamers can now reach out to their audience at anyplace from anywhere. No subscription to any channel or a decoder of any kind. All it needs is a small portable device that can be pocketed to anywhere.

Requires no separate memory Since videos are viewed as they are streamed, viewers have no need to free storage spaces in their devices to save and then play the videos.

Reduced expenses With no experts to hire and no machinery to operate, live streaming keeps a streamer's budget always in control.

And with live streaming services providing features for viewers to comment on the video and interact with the streamers, live streaming services are now preferred by educational institutions for broadcasting their webinars, corporate offices for having discussions and presentations with officials in different locations, religious institutions for broadcasting their gatherings and more.

With the reasons why people opt for live streaming services set clear already and let us look into possible methods of using live streaming services.

There are a number of live streaming service providers and since they have been well established already, users have to simply sign in at the service creating an account and start streaming events. Just a simple technique to notify your viewers about your streams and your streaming business is up and ready in no time.

With the mobile apps this became easier. Streamers had no need to notify viewers on the live stream. The mobile apps require users to register and login at them with their profiles on twitter and when broadcasters start streaming a video, their followers on twitter are instantly notified about the same.

Live video streaming services did make broadcaster's life simpler didn't they?

But they still had one more drawback that broadcasters had to put up with. Subscription charges. Simple and instant; effective and more reliable than traditional practices. Still, live streaming services weren't for free. Broadcasters had to pay a regular hefty sum as subscription charges to create a channel of their own and utilize their services.

Thanks to the live streaming tutorial from Learnsauce broadcasters can now bid adieu to having a regular sum siphoned off from their accounts. As for Learnsauce; it is an online institute with several tutorial packages where interested enthusiasts can learn everything in creating an app and having it integrated with several features.

From building mobile applications and websites for various businesses to infusing them with online payment gateways and more; this website comes as a boon to all entrepreneurs, developers and anyone concerned in learning to create software solutions on their own from scratch. And as for entrepreneurs requiring instant solutions, these tutorials also come with full source codes that can be simply deployed to be made as the related app or website in mere hours.

Similarly, the tutorial to build live streaming applications comes with the full source code and an eBook that completely explains all the steps involved in creating the website to having it installed as well. From having to pay a regular sum to have a channel at the live streaming platform, streamers can get to being an entrepreneur where they get to create and own the platform and provide live video streaming services for several other occasional broadcasters as well.

In addition to the website, subscribers also get to learn how to manage user profiles at a website, creating provisions for storing and receiving data and everything they would ever need to create a website for any business of their own. Since each stream generates a unique URL, desktop users can choose to view a number of streams at the same time.

A live video streaming tutorial and eBook plus full source code to build a streaming website and access to several other tutorials as well. All at just an annual subscription of $ 99.Why would anyone have to register with a live video streaming service anymore when they can easily create one on their own in less than a couple of hours.

Matthias Lechnar
Business analyst and gaming enthusiast.


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