A New Blogger’s Worry… How To Proceed?

Once you set your goal, you need to start sniffing your way around to find the right path. So if blog is your goal, here’s a simple way to help you get started on the right path. Okay, you have some interesting topics to write about and after deciding on a fancy user name, you are wondering where to post your blogs?

Well, put your worries aside, because we have listed the best 6 blogging websites where you can post your blogs and get an audience for your work. The options will truly leave you spoilt for choice. So let us explore the best options for a budding blogger…

The website is host to more than two million bloggers from across the world. It is a fully featured flexible website that allows you to customize your page with beautiful themes. The team at understands that a creative mind may not be restricted to writing blogs only;hence in addition to posting your blogs it will also give you the option of exhibiting your portfolio and also aid in selling products.

Wondering why most of the blogging sites start with blog or blogger? Simple… viewers only recommend blog sites that one can remember right! The site is backed by Google making it reliable and trustworthy. is a simple site that guides you step-by-step to creating your own step and is extremely easy to comprehend.

This blog site has approximately 41.7 million articles published that attract more than 60.5 million comments each month. Just comprehending the numbers takes about a minute to understand the cyber activity on this blog site. Most of the features on this site, such as designs and templates are free. If you are someone with little or no technical knowledge on how to start, give WordPress a try.

Tumblr was introduced by Yahoo in 2007 to offer a fresh approach towards creating and maintaining a blog. The site proudly boasts of 152 million users and counting more. The website along with all the regular features also has the benefit of re-blogging, so sharing your work is simple. Creating your unique domain name without adding .tumbler to it is a benefit that attracts new bloggers.

With Squarespace, building a page just got easier. For a new blogger a major cause of concern is getting used to the site. With Squarespace the worry can be easily laid to rest. A free trial period will help you get accustomed to the site. Social integrations with Facebook, Titter and several other social networking sites makes it easy for the blogger to sync, import and publish articles and images for their blogs.

Weebly is a unique blog site that also offers e-commerce. So if you have plans in the pipeline to initiate your own online store, Weebly is the place to begin with. Another feature that makes blogging fun is an iPhone app that allows a blogger to update the blog as and when need be.

The list of blogging sites is non-exhaustive. Practically unheard of in the last decade,uninterrupted and non-biased expression through the cyber world is here to stay. Blogs, articles, posts have certainly found their admirers all around the globe and a good web posting site will help you connect to like-minded people beyond boundaries.

So check out any of the websites mentioned above that suits your initial requirements and let the process of blogging commence… and if you need any help with writing the articles, connect with us at

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