A-Z on body art: tools, materials, technology, health hazards and prevention

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Body art is an ancient but densely populated form of body. There are various reasons why people engage in body art, such as hair style, body painting, body marking, and the like. Some are for purely aesthetic or decorative purposes, while others are for medicinal, spiritual, recreational, identification or symbolic reasons.

A variety of tools can be used for body enhancement. These include tapping tools, painting tools, cutting tools, smudge tools, tattoo tools and more. Materials used in body art include tattoo dyes, special cleaners, and the like. Drawing and writing inks such as Indian ink, enamel ink and printer ink are commonly used for amateur tattoos. Other colorants that can be used include pigments and dyes. Other materials used include plant extracts, soot, carbon and vermiculite. Henna is a natural plant that is also used to produce temporary tattoos.

There are many health hazards in body art. Most of them are due to contamination of the instruments used. Examples of these are skin penetration tools such as spray guns, electrolytic needles and extractors. These devices are not effectively cleaned and disinfected prior to use, or when disposable devices are not immediately discarded after use.

There are also allergies and toxic reactions caused by impurities in the production of pigments and dyes for tattoos. Tattoo inks can contain aromatic amines [which can cause cancer] with carcinogenic potential. Some tattoo products are thought to cause mild skin cancer. Tattoo dyes, especially red, green, yellow and blue dyes can cause allergic skin reactions, such as an itchy rash in the tattoo area. This can happen years after you get your tattoo.

In addition, skin problems can occur around the tattoo ink, such as a granuloma called a granuloma. Tattoos can also cause keloids or raised areas caused by excessive growth of scar tissue. It can cause blood-borne diseases. For example, if the device used to make a tattoo is contaminated with infected blood, the person can be infected with various blood-borne diseases, including tetanus, hepatitis B, hepatitis C, and even HIV/AIDS.

These health-related cases can be prevented by taking some practical steps. For example, tools and equipment used to produce body art must be disinfected. Hand washing is the most important factor in preventing infection.

In addition, the chemicals used in body art must be properly labeled so that there are no substitutes. Chemicals must be kept in good condition. They must be stored in a secure container or the like. Instructions on how to use and maintain them must be strictly observed.

In addition, all working surfaces, such as surgical sofas/chairs, benches and tables, should be cleaned with warm water and detergent, then rinsed and dried with a clean, lint-free disposable cloth. In addition, at the end of each working day, wash all apparently dirty surfaces with warm water and detergent. Clean and dry the cleaned surface with a clean, lint-free disposable cloth.

A lot of techniques can be used in body art. The most common technique is painting. It involves the use of brush paints, dyes or pigments. After drawing a sketch or layout of the design on the skin surface, use a brush to apply the paint to the body surface. Printing is also used, where the design is sometimes printed on the body surface. Paper with allowed ink is sometimes transferred to the body surface. Laser printers are also used to transfer computerized designs to the surface of the skin. A sponge or foam can be applied to the surface of the body to transfer the design to the surface of the skin. Sometimes ink or paint can spread over the surface of the skin to create a design or impression on the surface of the skin.

Other techniques include incisions, so cut into the skin surface to create the design. This is used for scratches and some forms of tattooing. The interlocking of the hair bundles forms a decorative form called weaving or weaving that belongs to the body art.

Body art today is famous in the art industry. Artists must be tired of the health hazards of using tools, materials and instruments. They must strive to stay healthy and participate in this interesting artistic expression.

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