Accelerate atmospheric research to control weather

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We all know the damage that the weather can cause. In the US, in the past few years, we have not only our fair share. For example, the Atlantic tropical hurricane season in 2004 and 2005. Then there is the floods in the northeast and the mudslides in California; of course, the tornado season is getting worse every year. In fact, the number of reported Tornatic Cells has increased every year for the past three years, setting a record high for most tornadoes.

Prior to this, we experienced several droughts in the western Midwest and western states. In some states, the drought is severe and they are worried about being able to fight wildfires or maintain drinking water supplies. As the seasons of El Niño and La Nina intensify, extreme weather seems to be quite intense. Most atmospheric scientists tell us about cycle and weather patterns, but what we really need is a way to control it.

It is conceivable that in the next decade, humans will indeed figure out how to control the weather once and for all. Mastering the weather can only be done in the current period if we fully understand it. Therefore, I think it is vital to increase our research, we need to speed up atmospheric research to control the weather. If we do this now, we can save billions of dollars by preventing crop failures, which could affect our ethanol fuel growth and help us better feed the world. If we don't do this, consider these shadows.

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