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Enjoy the fun of flying in the air with ATV

So, you have seen other ATV drivers do this, you think this is also the time you try to fly through the air stunts, but you are not sure how to do it. You can try to ask people who have tasted it before, but once again, they may not have enough time to guide you through A to Z to guide you through the skills of skipping ATV. The theoretical part of learning may sound simple, but you need to practice it over and over again to perfect your skills.

You might sit there and watch this, and at the same time want to know how they let their ATVs fly in the air almost effortlessly? You may ask yourself a lot of questions, this is a good start to learning. When you learn how to drive an ATV, it does add a lot of fun to your ride. However, many people do not understand the mechanisms involved between themselves and their ATVs, and often the “don't know” part will affect people – and it should be. When you don't know something, you usually go all out to understand it, and the first and most important thing about jumping your ATV is learning how to complete its basics.

Skip ATV is equivalent to learning to walk for the first time. When you are a child, you don't suddenly stand up and run without first learning to walk. Skip your ATV is the same concept. You have to start at a smaller scale, rather than trying to surpass yourself by going to the super track or something similar.

Here are some helpful tips, we are at Jackel Motorsports, I hope you will start learning to skip ATV and, more importantly, land safely!

Getting started – safety first!

Before you ride your car for the first time, check to make sure your ATV is in good working order. Check tires, wheels, impact and suspension to make sure everything is tight. Remember, no ATV ride [or jump], it's safe not to wear your safety gear for the first time – that is, your helmet, goggles, gloves, boots, chest protectors, long sleeve shirts , pants and any other protective gear you have.

Because you are just starting to learn to jump, you don't need to slant down to land. If you don't know, you shouldn't jump when you sit down – your back impact will compress and throw you away like a catapult, which won't happen very interesting during the jump. First choose a smooth ramp-type takeoff and keep the gas steady and start slowly at the attack position – this way, you either stand or sit down all the time. Keep your arms bent and the elbows stick out as this helps absorb the effects of landing and impact jumping faces. When your front wheel approaches the jumping surface, pressing the throttle will keep the front end of the quad up so you can land safely. Once you feel comfortable and confident about the small jump, you can slowly make bigger and more exciting jumps.

The importance of landing

After your first jump, you should be able to measure your speed so that you can land perfectly below the jump. Once you are more familiar with jumping skills, you can start landing on the front wheels first. This must be very careful. If your nose falls too far, you will experience an ugly experience. One method is to press the rear brake to stop the momentum of the rear wheel and lower the front wheel. Another method is to manually push the lever down so that the front end is down. Depending on your ATV's jump, speed and position, you can also combine these two methods during the jump. If the front end is too low and you think you might just cross the lever, don't give up – keep the throttle wide open to accelerate the momentum of the rear tire, which will raise the front end.

As the saying goes – practice makes it perfect, so the last sentence we suggest is to practice and continue practicing until you master the basic skills. Once you have confidence in the small jump, it is time to start. And take big!

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