Advanced Forex Autoresponder Strategy

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Forex is a highly competitive market that requires advanced marketing strategies to stay ahead. One of Forex Marketer's best marketing tools is an automated response process that is carefully planned and executed.

Email autoresponders allow you to easily collect subscribers and send them a series of emails over time. In essence, the autoresponder is a “one-size-fits-all” follow-up marketing plan that will bring sales over time.

This article will focus on specific strategies that Forex marketers can use to create successful automated response procedures.

Create a sublist of profits

Most automated reply services make it easy to create sublists. The service will automatically unsubscribe to potential customers in a list and add them to another list based on triggers [such as purchases].

In the marketing circle, you will hear the rule of thumb "Money is on the list", which is absolutely correct. More profitable is the funds in the sublist. A sublist is a smaller list taken from a larger list. For example, a list of buyers in your list of potential customers is a sublist. Or, the list of buyers for a particular product pulled from your buyer list will be a sublist.

Use these sublists for targeted marketing campaigns to promote specific products based on past behavior of your potential customers. These campaigns typically perform significantly better than other regular emails compared to other regular email campaigns.

Monetize the list with member offers

Once you've created a buyer sublist, you can monetize these lists by supplementing your Forex affiliate offers. The affiliate offer gives you the opportunity to add revenue to each of your subscribers to your list. The best strategy is to choose the offers that will help your subscribers and be a natural extension of your main product. For example, providing a foreign exchange beginners home study course is a great complement to the Forex Robot or EA Buyers list.

Load year to keep the best state

Email autoresponders are consistent. Your goal should be to stay in front of the list members, at least 2-3 times a month. You want to be the first person a potential customer encounters when they encounter a foreign exchange problem. I recommend that you create a 52-week schedule that includes a variety of complementary league offerings, educational articles, and tips on how to use your product.

The most difficult part of email autoresponder marketing is getting started. Just use one of the strategies detailed in this article and put it into action. When you are done, continue to the next step. In a short time, you will have a targeted strategy to monetize your relationship with prospects and buyers.

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