Advantages and disadvantages of mobile computing

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I have always liked mobile computing or the ability to use my mobile device for computing tasks anytime, anywhere. Mobile computing gives me the flexibility of multitasking and maximizes my time. Unfortunately, it's not always a great experience.

Here are some good and bad observations about mobile computing.


  • Stay productive during downtimefrom

    . Obviously, being able to work anywhere is the best benefit of mobile computing. Sometimes, if you have some downtime, you want to do some work, such as when you are waiting for a flight, waiting for someone in the restaurant, and other waiting activities.

  • Be able to work when you least expect it. from

     Sometimes you suddenly need to do some reports, respond to important emails, or send a file as soon as possible. During this time, you can safely know that you can turn on your mobile device and get to work! Globalization has made it necessary to work with colleagues from other countries and different time zones. Therefore, your working hours are often ignored by foreign counterparts.

  • Ability to play my multimedia collection anywherefrom

    . All work and no play can be a dull person.


  • Break time is no longer a breakfrom

    . Although we can perform certain tasks on our computers during breaks or downtime, it also takes up actual breaks. Our mind and body also need time to calm down and recharge.

  • Work and life imbalances can occurfrom

    . This is another tragic consequence of mobile computing. Because we can work anywhere, we tend to work from home. When we work from home, or when we take our work home, we spend time we can spend for family or personal time. This imbalance often leads to from



  • Our 24/7 connectionfrom

    . Although it sounds cool, the 24/7 connection is not healthy. Staying connected all the time can keep you from sleeping all night. It turns out that lack of sleep can lead to many diseases. Another side effect of the 24/7 connection is mentioned in the previous point: work – life imbalance.

You might think of more good and bad observations about mobile computing. Its negative aspects can be resolved by identifying your priorities and developing self-discipline. And, like most things in life, moderation is the key.

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