Advantages of Hardware Keyloggers over Software Keyloggers

Do you have a need to monitor one of your computers? Are you worried about an employee’s work activities or perhaps you want to be very sure about who your child is talking to online? If you are wondering about the best way to find out this information then keyloggers could be an easy answer for you.
There are a couple of options so read on for the reasons we think you should choose a hardware keylogger over a software keylogger.
Hardware keyloggers are super simple to install. They just need to be plugged into the computer between the tower and the keyboard. There are internal options as well if you think the computer user may know what a keylogger is if they see it. There is no other access to the computer required, just the ability for a quick plug in. If you were to choose the software option, you would need to have access to the computer’s password to be able to complete the install.
There is no way to detect a hardware keylogger. It won’t slow don’t the computer when it is being used; it simply records the keystrokes and stores them in its own internal menu. Savvy tech users could discover a software option if it was installed. With this option sometimes the software installed will even show up on the start menu or the task manager! Not the best way for it to remain undetected. Imagine that your anti-virus software runs its usual safety checks and alerts the user to the keylogger you’ve installed! Again – not how you want this to work for you.
Following on from the previous point, hardware keyloggers do not affect the stability of the computer they are installed on. They don’t use the computer’s internal memory to complete their logging of the keystrokes and therefore will not create any type of lag on the computer they are installed on. This is especially good if the computer is a little bit older and starting to slow down anyway.
Something particularly advantageous about a hardware keylogger is its ability to record the keystrokes before the computer is actually up and running. You know all those passwords that are typed in when you first start up a computer, before your operating system has booted up? This type of keylogger will have a record of those keystrokes where the software option would not start recording until the computer was completely turned on and the OS in service. This is a big plus.
Your hardware keylogger will be able to work with just about any operating system. This makes it a great choice if you plan to use it to monitor multiple computers over time.
If you’re looking for a simple solution that doesn’t require you to be too tech savvy, then a hardware keylogger could be just what you need to monitor your home or business computers.

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