1. Edison Gold Edison Gold

    What is the name of this plant? looks cool :3

  2. b1tc0de b1tc0de

    i love the freaking plant

  3. Vinay Bakle Vinay Bakle

    can I make e-commerce like website of Amazon affiliate links embedded in buy buttons? does Google ranks such website?

  4. Jayde Ash Jayde Ash

    Great info thank you for sharing

  5. Gridmaster K.S. Gridmaster K.S.

    Thanks man

  6. Mickey World Vacations Mickey World Vacations

    Thanks Dan. I have been watching you for a few weeks and I am hooked. I bought your program and have made my first site. I can't wait to taking this journey. Will be ordering a mic to make the videos. I really think if you work hard your system will work:)

  7. Relocate to Greenville, South Carolina Relocate to Greenville, South Carolina

    Subscribed. Thank you for this video! 🚀

  8. Anthony V Anthony V

    What kind of plant is that? I would love to get one, something small like that would be great for my desk too.

  9. Christine Magnarelli Christine Magnarelli

    At first I thought you said "You don't have to shit" lol. And then I realized you said "ship" hehe

  10. leifcatt leifcatt

    good information, thanks for the vid.

  11. GreenJuice Addict GreenJuice Addict

    YO deadbeat are a deadbeat for real….? but seriously you are one of the goood marketers out there tho but don't be a Deadbeat !

  12. IPK IPK

    You just chat shit! Why dont you tell us EXACTLY how to do it instead of signing up for you stuff and making us pay

  13. Cheeky Saver Cheeky Saver

    I have no desire to do product creation. My website has a growing small following that is very loyal. LOL in fact, they come back every week or more. You are so right about the risk level. Even minor start up costs do add up. I think I will stick with affiliates working with up to date needed content. Time to binge watch more vids. Have a great night! 🙂


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