After School Fashion Program for Teens (Bakersfield)

After School Fashion Program for Teens (Bakersfield)
This program will run for 5 months, twice a year, starting January 8th, 2018. Students will be enrolled per Season : January-May or June-October Classes are Monday through Wednesday at 3:15pm-6pm Open to students in Grades 9-12 Program includes fieldtrips, bonuses, guest speakers, and more! Signup to the Waitlist to be among the first learning group! Enrollment opens in December. Spaces are limited to 19 per season Before this decade, it might have been difficult to follow your dreams, but now we are at a time that anything is truly possible! Take a look at millionaire fashion and beauty bloggers on social media and Youtube, for example. In this era, starting to follow your dreams at a young age means reaching success faster than those that roam the world lost. Starting early is essential to being ahead of everyone that doesn't. This Bakersfield fashion program includes lessons such as fashion illustration, concept development, patternmaking and construction of designs, and all the essentials a fashion designer should know. Everything that is taught in a traditional art and fashion college, but with mentors goals to see students actually succeed! No more falling into the trap of k to 0k in college debt and broken dreams. Also, unlike college, this fashion program includes real world business expertise. That knowledge can be used by students to become the youngest entrepreneurs and fashion designers! Or if that isn't the dream, students will still gain the skills and insights to land design jobs That's why through this after school fashion program, students will learn about all the potential fashion careers to select from, and what is great or not so great about them. Students will gain insights into who they are and what they were born in this world to be and do. We might laugh together, cry together, everyone might make new lifelong friends; this program is going to inspire and challenge students like no other! So who am I that's teaching this class? Hei there! My name is Angelica, and I am a fashion designer/blogger/instructor from Los Angeles that moved to Bakersfield last year to live near my family. You can read more about me and my work at . I've always loved tutoring my classmates in college and felt excitement at the thought of being a fashion teacher for high schoolers, like I was taught when I was in high school. Through my real-world experiences in the fashion industry as a freelancer, collaborator, and entrepreneur on the pursuit of my own business dreams, I have learned many things that work and don't work with design, getting hired, and launching startups. I have also especially learned to be confident in my own self-expression, evolving from an incredibly shy child to the creative outgoing woman I am today. That is not to say that I am perfectly fearsome, because I still have my introvert moments, but I am always capable of staying true to myself – fun and friendly. So, I can bring this all to the table when teaching kids. I am patient and understanding of different learning needs, and do my best to keep things entertaining, easy to follow, and focused. CURRICULUM WEEK 1 – Introduction to fashion and it's history WEEK 2 – Textiles WEEK 3 – Constructing tops WEEK 4 – Constructing skirts WEEK 5 – Constructing pants and shorts WEEK 6 – Constructing dresses WEEK 7 – Constructing jackets WEEK 8 – Fashion illustration on paper WEEK 9 – Digital fashion illustration WEEK 10 – Production and technical work WEEK 11 – Target market WEEK 12 – Concept development and forecasting WEEK 13 – Presentation Time! WEEK 14 – Styling and Photoshoots WEEK 15 – Launching a Business WEEK 16 – Marketing WEEK 17 – Web and graphic design WEEK 18 – Preparing for Graduation Show! WEEK 19 – Fashion careers and interviewing WEEK 20 – Graduation Show! BONUS 1 – Welcome package with 0 worth of tools and supplies for the class BONUS 2 – Discounts up to 50% OFF fashion textbooks for the class BONUS 3 – Lifetime access to an online portal, where students can: Replay lessons, Download resources, Upload assignments process, Chat in the class forum to learn from each other and ask questions, and Parents can stay in the loop on what's happening during class BONUS 4 – Planning in progress for a mentorship program after the class TUITION 90 One-time payment That's about 1 Starbucks cup a day! (Plus you're saving 0 if payment is upfront instead of monthly) OR 0/month in 5monthly payments (Perfect payment plan if the full price is scary) TO READ MORE INFO ABOUT THE PROGRAM, HEAD OVER TO WWW.VELVETKAT.COM/AFTER-SCHOOL-FASHION-PROGRAM TO CONTACT ME, THE INSTRUCTOR, YOU CAN EMAIL ME ANYTIME AT ANGELICA@VELVETKAT.COM 🙂 HURRY AND GET ON THE WAITLIST TO BE THE FIRST TO ATTEND CLASSES IN JANUARY!

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