Agency Relationships: How to build partnerships & maximise ROI

Agency Relationships: How to build partnerships & maximise ROI
As the Financial year has come to an end, it’s a great time to reflect on the year that was and to look for new creative ways to drive growth for the new financial year. Take this opportunity to look at your relationship with your agency with fresh eyes. Because the relationship between you and your digital marketing agency doesn’t just have to stop at campaigns. It can be an incredibly valuable and fruitful relationship for both businesses. Join us and our leading panel on August’s 23rd to discuss how to create mutually beneficial partnerships and how to help each other to explore new ideas and drive both businesses forward. The topics of the evening will be: -          How to set solid expectations and to grow together -          Learn different ways to work with your agency and to deal with crisis situations -          How to streamline the approval process -          Tips on what makes a successful client-agency relationship Who would benefit from being there: Business owners, digital professionals and agencies Panel of speakers: Craig Somerville – Managing Director of Reload Media the key partner in the development of Reload Media UK and Australia. Craig specialises in clients business relationships including marketing, corporate culture, business operations and now services over 500 clients worldwide.  Danielle Lewis – co-founder and CEO of Scrunch has been running her own business for over ten years, with a background in fashion design, blogging and sales. Danielle has created a data-driven marketing platform that connects brands with agencies to the right influences for their campaigns. Third panellist TBC!! Register today - we look forward to seeing you then! A big thank you to Microsoft that have kindly offered to sponsor the event at their George Street head office.

at Microsoft Brisbane
400 George Street
Brisbane, Australia



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