Air Conditioning Maintenance – How can homeowners insured do this?

Everything that goes wrong has a science: things that go wrong usually appear at the wrong time!

Ask the property and the homeowner – the landlord and the renter – they will stress to tell you, yes, when the air conditioning system is running, it is usually during the heat wave, during the hottest period of the summer!

  How to prevent sorry? Your sure bet is "based on horns." The informed cooling expert said that a consistent maintenance plan was started because it was active.

Of course, insurance agents who help you with home insurance will agree to this in the general agreement. This is because even if your plan may cover general AC equipment failures, air conditioning claims due to lack of care will never be covered! For the compensation industry, if you do not take care of your family AC, then your responsibility [that is, your own mistakes] and you will not receive any compensation.

Therefore, we follow important care and maintenance guidelines here.

First: Adjust the crankcase heater of the air conditioner before you start using the system. This is called “incentives” and this behavior helps to minimize the possibility of system refrigerant leaking into the AC oil.

Second: Clean the AC outer coil at least twice a year – once before the cooling system starts, once before the hottest time, your air conditioner will work overtime.

Third: Check the motor starter of the compressor. Pay attention to any maintenance requirements, especially corrosive electrical contacts that need to be replaced.

  Fourth: Check the AC moisture filter. If the indicator shows moisture buildup, summon the technician to check the source and fix any leaks. Under the agreement, the technician will evacuate and replace the filter and dryer as needed.

No. 5: Check the refrigerant charge of the air conditioner. If you have experienced a refrigerant shortage before, you will need to check regularly and perform the necessary repairs.

Sixth: Make sure to be alert to any air conditioning unit leaks. For ease of inspection, refrigerant additives are used to make inspection easier.

No. 7: Clean the air conditioning steam so that the air flow passage is not blocked. In general, be sure to install a new air filter on a regular basis.

Eighth: Install a surge protection device for your air conditioning system. In addition, you can install a thermostat to delay the start of the compressor after it has been turned off. This helps prevent overuse of interruptions.

Ninth: Learn how to detect abnormal operations. If it doesn't sound right, smells right, feels right or looks right, call your repair car as soon as possible before the problem becomes a major issue!

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