Android Game Development: Essential for SmartPhone Gaming Solutions

“Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.”

Now-a-days, it is an era of mobile phones technology. Android is definably one such technology which has brought out magical changes. Foremost change is, Android has nearly un-rooted the Smartphone dominance of apple and blackberries. Today mobile phone gaming solution is a very popular and gradually growing powerful industry that is dominating the market place. We play and enjoy games on our mobile phones. High definition graphics and smooth flow of game app(that gives us experience of video games console) binds us with the game till the end. It has only become possible because of open source and flexible mobile OS-Android. Use of Android-OS with an immense and unlimited extension- is leading to the development of new and unique game apps on daily basis. Designing and development of new game application is taking the level of the entertainment at very high and enriching the gaming experience with its unique and high quality graphics and gameplay.

Today mobile games have become an essential feature for the mobile gadget lovers as it provides the best portable entertainment for the users. Eye-catching graphics, smooth game flow and exciting gameplay features provide the real time experience for the users. At present scenario, Android is ruling on the mobile industry. Android provides an elegant, thrilling and technically absolute game development environment.

There are many advantages of using android for game development. Some of them are as follows:Since it is an open source operating system, so development cost for the app is very low.Android app market provides one-time fee structure process for the submission of the application. Thus it becomes easy for the developer to launch the game app for a large group of users without spending a large volume of money.The time duration and app submission process in android app market place is simple and shorter than other smartphone submission process. The rules and regulation for the app submission process is more generous for the android operating system.The android game apps that are designed and developed are not restricted for any single mobile phone developing company. Thus it gives the privilege to launch the game app for a large group of users.Android provides features for easy integration of APIs and development tools for development of app.Android uses the JAVA programming language for the development of game app which is comparatively easy for an average programmer to learn and implement it. Thus with the help of easy and simple programming language, developer can develop any game app within a short span of time.Android games have attracted lots of users and created its own community for the designing and development of game app. Easy and simple game play and an ultimate level of graphics is catching the mind as well the hearts of the users towards the game and helped to raise the standard of the game. Android Game Development India is a leading name in providing professional game development solutions to users across the world.

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