Apple launching a reasonable handset iphone 6

The rumors are spreading that the Apple would go to release another iphone in 2013 or would be an iphone 5 successor. The company by launching this handset would go to target specially the emerging and lower income market such as China and India. This novel iphone 6 would be cheaper than the iphone 5S as it is constructed at low cost. This is for the first time that the company is launching a cheaper version of iphone . According to the sources Apple has strike chip foundry TSMC towards commencing the production of Snapdragon chips from Qualcomm by employing the company popular 28 nanometer process.

This time Apples low budgeted iphone 6 consist of Qualcomm Snapdragon single chip along with local support designed for Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. However there would be no 4G LTE which is another cost saving calculation for the company. In reality, as Qualcomm create individual adaptations of its Snapdragon chips constructed for 3G and LTE. So Apple has an option for launching individual builds of handset along with dissimilar connectivity ability. The China Times was not the initial company to speak that Apple upcoming iphone would be power driven by Qualcomm Snapdragon chips.

Moreover Analysts have also stated that that the low cost iphone 6 possess a Qualcomm Snapdragon chips. Also the Snapdragon chips would also introduce various other novel features such as from Qi wireless conductive charging and be followed into the upcoming generation handset in 2013 of Samsung and Apple. It is expected that Apple would accept the wireless charging technology internally developed. However it remains mysterious if the upcoming iphone would enter the mobile world with inbuilt ireless charging capability or any other attached accessories. Apple iPhone 5 deals @ top seller handset with best technology.

Apple has also stated that lower cost iphone would not offer the similar kind of graphics and video supports and the processing power used in a pricy iphones. Therefore e the reasonable iphone would be less powerful and the lower end Snapdragon included solution would assist in dividing the product. Apple Phil schiller have stated that the wireless charging still need to have plug into the wall so getting a wireless features in iphone 6 is far flung. With this the company has to create another device that has to be plug into the wall which is very complicated. It’s only the cheaper chipsets such as the Qualcomm that would make the iphone 6 the most demanding handset of the year.

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