Apple's latest Ad Hoc mobile personal technology network equipment patent

2019-04-09 Technology No comment

Every day, the smartphone market has new discoveries, new reports, or more information to refute. For example, Apple is now increasing its control over the smartphones they sell and has decided to apply for some new patents. Yes, this is typical in Apple Style, however, one of the patents is very convincing in our Internet-style think tank, because we are constantly paying for these things.

A great article published on ARS Technica on August 20, 2010; "Apple may want to target unauthorized iOS users," author Chris Foresman reports that Apple has filed a patent; "users who identify electronic devices Systems and methods, such as heartbeat analysis, photos, voiceprints, and suspicious behavior, are not common to known users.

So, I guess a thief who stole the phone would give up his/her photos, voiceprints, buttons and global location [location]. The patent also appears to be able to turn off the phone, erase the hard drive, and download all the information to the "cloud" to protect the user. Yes, very good, but with this technology, if the individual is suspected of being a bad person, a rioter, a terrorist, etc., the authorities can also close it.

Now, some people at Slash-Dot ask, will this also allow Apple to shut down those who have "jailbroken" from Apple's proprietary software? SoulSkill raised a very good question [screen name]. A very good question and the idea of ​​inquiry, as I want to know. But I also suspect that by having this feature, this means that the US Army will be interested in this because our "Blue Army" tracks the battle space in the Net Centric or Ad Hoc network. See this.

If an enemy gets one of their mobile devices, then! – It was closed. We have a photo of the enemy camp, what questions were asked, and the location of the soldiers or devices? Wow, this is what I call privileged information during the trial. It also helps Apple sell its devices to the US government, not competitors such as Motorola, Nokia, HTC, Google and BlackBerry.

Unfortunately, this will fully promote the new conspiracy theory and the NSA edge seekers who live in the old Cold War missile silos waiting for SkyCly or Terminator's SkyNet to take over? Is this a bigger brother, or is it just an increase in personal technology and the interests of the government, the military security field of communications equipment? You decide that I have decided on myself.

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