Are education and other non-profits included in the list of not calling?

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The National Do Not Call Registry [NDNCR] prevents most telemarketers from contacting people who use NDNCR to register their phone number. However, that's true, not all organizations are included in the NDNCR block list. This includes companies that have business relationships with you, as well as charities, religious groups, surveys, and politicians.

While most people may not think that a charity or survey call is any different from a regular telemarketing call, the Do Not Call Registry does see a difference. The Federal Telemarketing Act does not include non-profit organizations because investigative researchers and companies that call customer service calls do not sell products or services and do not request donations.

Even if these specific organizations are exempt from national registration, you can still stop them from calling you by placing them on their internal non-call list. Unfortunately, because these non-profit organizations are exempt from NDNCR, there is no need to maintain internal or organization-specific non-call lists.

So if the charity ignores your request and gives you a call back, then you really can't do anything about it. The best way to avoid a call is to ignore the call when the number is displayed on the caller ID. However, you should still be asked to be included in their list of no calls, as most non-profit organizations will remain polite.

However, it's important to note that if a non-profit organization tries to contact you through a for-profit marketer, they must maintain an internal non-call list, and you can request to add your phone number. Still, although they must have a company-specific list of non-calls, they can still be exempt from the national registry and can call you until you explicitly ask them not to do so.

Although you can't file a complaint with the Do Not Call Registry when a non-profit organization calls you, you can still prevent your telemarketer from complaining to others who share your frustration.

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