Article Writing – 5 important factors for optimal performance

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Key words

When most people type words or phrases into the browser's search bar, they are most likely to use the Google, Bing or Yahoo search bar. Their query results will bring the best match to the search engine.

The goal or ideal situation is to find the article on the first search engine results page, or Pension plan For keywords and topics related to the content in the post. The first 3-5 keywords in the post will get a higher priority from the search engine.

It's a good idea to use the Keyword Tool. I think the free Google webmaster keyword tool and Jaaxy The Keyword Tool, which has a free entry plan, is great and I highly recommend them.

2. Title

Do you know that up to 95% of articles, posts or books can be determined by the first 3-5 words in the title? Wow, this sounds like a very interesting and important factor, I am sure you agree. A lot of things are only determined by the sale, demand or purchase of the work. Therefore, choosing a title can't be taken lightly, creating keyword-rich titles that match the keywords most frequently searched for your topic to get the best results related to articles, e-books, and more.

Just understand the keywords and how to create smart titles, and your article marketing strategy can be maximized. These headings closely match the word phrases that are entered into the search bar each day. You can draw or attract a lot of targeted traffic to your articles and websites by understanding how search engines work.

3. Introduction or abstract

The purpose of your article abstract is to guide interested readers to view the rest of your article. Let your audience know the benefits they will get when reading your article.

The length of the article should be between 3-8 sentences or about 2 paragraphs. Add some keywords related to your article title in these sentences.

Every time you write an article, be sure to target the audience and talk to them directly. Let them know that your articles are written for their benefit and they should read the entire page.

There is no need to make the abstract more than 5-8 sentences, and the author's name should not be repeated in the introduction. Don't try to advertise yourself or your business by adding links or your URL address. All of this content, including email addresses, can be added at the end of the article. Do not put the title of the article in a 3-8 sentence summary.

4. Terms and conditions

Choose the font and letter size you like, and there is enough space between the line and the paragraph to make it easy to read. You can break down your article into a pleasing simple reading style, possibly with a numbered list or bullet.

Share your expert strategy, skills and knowledge. Your website should be filled out with high-quality posts or articles that are relevant and useful for those searching for the latest information about the topic of your website.

Let the reader want more and click on your website URL with more information. Some people will be convinced to respond to the action number or even purchase.

Put the link at the end or end of the article and draw the reader to your website or affiliate site.

Promoting your website in the body of the article is not a good habit. Content should be in a silent way Rubbish . Save links and self-promotion to the end.

Most site owners and publishers don't republish self-promotion articles, and I'm sure we all want to get as much exposure and circulation as possible. It is best to populate the high quality content of the article body in a way that provides the reader with an answer to the search term.

The body of the article should show your expert experience, knowledge, information and/or advice. When writing an article, always provide readers with the latest, relevant, and useful information, and continue to build your niche authority and trust.

Remember to keep in mind the title of the article and make sure to stay on the topic.

Always remember the readers and talk to them in writing.

Also, remember to follow at least the pre-selected keywords in the body of the article to avoid the article sounding unnatural.

5 Conclusion

This is how to close or end an article and greatly increase your website traffic:

End the post by setting a few end points in a paragraph or a few sentences and direct the reader to make your offer.

Make sure your readers know that the article was written by an individual. This alone will cause many people to click on your website URL and view your profile.

Summarize your offer, or a unique sales proposition [ USP ] Reach out with one-third of the sentences to encourage readers to visit your website or offer. Tell the reader to enter their name and email address or make a purchase and leave a valid URL address: Https:// yoursite .com from

. Do not hide the URL address in the word or anchor text. Use the full address to ensure that the link is still valid when the publisher uses your article.

Article marketing is a great way to improve your writing skills because you have a lot of content. Then, your writing skills will improve and continue to attract readers to your site to review and share what you find there.

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