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Writing an article is another effective way to build a list with quality leads. Most article directories like to read about 500-700 words. And they are more exposed to such big items. Your article is designed to provide valuable content, information, and resources to build trust with your potential customers and to filter out people who don't resonate with you.

In your article, you need to include the keywords that you are using in the target market [which you found in the market research]. Writing keyword-focused articles will help you get good page ranks in search engines like Google, Yahoo, etc., which will generate highly targeted traffic from the article directory.

The article you submit contains the author's resource box, where you can provide information about yourself and your business, including links to your site.

Then, as long as your carefully crafted resource boxes remain the same, the directory allows other publishers and webmasters to reprint your articles.

Your resource box should emphasize the benefits of joining the list and instructions for choosing to join the gift.

The more articles you have in the catalog, the more likely you are to quickly build a list and let potential customers find you.


Live writing can be a very profitable way to convey your message and get customers. Here are some tips on where to find writing opportunities:

  • Write a blog post and reuse it as an article
  • Post your articles in the article directory, such as EzineArticles.com ArticlesBase.com ArticleDashboard.com SelfGrowth.com
  • Post your article in the Pulse article directory of LinkedIn
  • Create a selective gift, such as a free report, where you can write steps you can take to achieve your goals.
  • Write an email series that can be sent to your auto-reply to those who choose to join your list.

Buy professional written articles that you can customize and use. The two sources are:



WordPress blog

WordPress.org is a free blogging software program that you can upload to your own website, which allows you to own your own domain name. WordPress provides files that are downloaded from your website and uploaded to your website. Developers around the world have created plugins [tools] and themes for WordPress, so there are many options to choose from. Most plugins and themes are free.

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