development: a prominent solution for software and web development development is based on the scripting language, which is a frame work. It is used in the development of most elegant, robust and dynamic websites, web applications and services. With its release as version 1.0 by Microsoft in 2002, it has gain significance publicity in the market and as a result, currently there are thousands of developers around the world who crafts the most excellent solutions with Solutions provided by is been used in almost every industrial spectrum, which includes oil & gas, manufacturing and retail, insurance & banking etc. And as a result of quality and prominent solutions offered by development, in today's market it has turn out to be one of the most demanding and prominent requirement.

Furthermore, there are indeed several features, advantages and benefits of development, which can be avail by the developers worldwide for their developing process. Some of its major features and benefits are:

*Cross browser compatibility - web based software solutions offered by, supports multiple web browsers such as internet explorer, firefox, opera, google chrome, etc. This works great and meets the requirement of different users with different web browsers.

*Safe and secure - is a framework and it requires authenticate license for one to use it. This makes the development process and the developed applications more safe, secure and reliable in compare to other open source frameworks.

*Custom software/ CRM/ CMS/ software/ web/ web applications - development works as a one stop and prominent tool in providing solutions for custom software development, custom CRM (Customer Relationship Management) development, custom CMS (Content Management System) development, custom software development, custom web and web based applications development. It also includes ecommerce website development and online catalog development.

*Rich and robust web sites - development integrates audio and video streaming, as it supports JAVA and AJAX. This integration, along with its own unique features it is able to craft the most rich, robust, elegant and scalable web sites.

*Pool of developers - There are thousands of developers around the globe, which reflects its popularity and demand worldwide. Moreover, a stakeholder can hire these developers offered by offshore software development companies on an hourly, monthly or per project basis.

*Integration of various other technologies - it integrates various other Microsoft technologies such as, C, C+, C# and others. This blend of technologies works as a key in developing high-end applications and web development.

*Constant up gradation - was launched with version 1.0 and currently there is version 4.0 available in the market, this shows it is constantly updated meeting the cutting-edge technological requirement of the market.

*Solutions for various industries - solutions provided by are been used by various industries such as oil & gas, manufacturing and retail, insurance & banking, shipping, transportation and logistics, and others.

With so many features and advantages, along with framework as a base, development really works as a prominent solution the customized software and web development.

Richard Jery is the Managing head of Concept Infoway, an development company. Hire developers for your requirements.


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