ATV and UTV – Engineers revealed six things to consider before deciding which one to choose

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ATV and UTV are interesting, smooth rides and hard-working off-road vehicles that are increasingly popular even in this economic environment.

They are used in a variety of different areas such as farms, buildings, landscaping, hunting, racing and general recreational activities.

John Deere Gator is the most popular brand, but Polaris, Kawasaki, Kubota and others are making money for them.

When is ATV the best choice, when is UTV the best choice?

Here are six important factors to consider:

  • UTV is wider, more stable and safer than ATV.
  • ATV can be made clearer and easier to manipulate through the woods.
  • Up and down ATV is easier and faster.
  • UTV is more powerful. You can transport a lot of things on a truck-like bed and use accessories such as snow plows, tipping beds, etc., which is definitely more functional and practical for getting the job done.
  • UTV is more comfortable for seat seats – especially for long trips.
  • And one of the biggest factors to consider is that ATV is cheaper than UTV. In addition, the basic UTV can be upgraded to a heated cab and a range of accessories that can really increase the price.

Bottom line: from

 Let's face it, it's cheaper to ride an ATV, and it's more fun to ride a saddle seat – you're part of the machine, not sitting on a bench like UTV. But UTV is more secure and you can do more with it.

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